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Gold & Grapes -

I managed to paint my toes Golden Conduct!
And paint my fingernails Good To Grape!

And not give myself a migraine!
I painted them while sitting in front of the fan, which was a little drying but I managed.
(You gotta do what you gotta do)

And now the weather is questionable.
What, I can’t show off my pretty toes.

Apparently painting your toes is just asking for rain. ;)
Maybe the sun will come out later.

Picture borrowed from the Internet.

Painted Toes -

Finally painted my toes! :)
I started with Blue/It’s Electric & quickly changed my mind.
I painted them Golden Conduct!
It’s been so long since I’ve painted them since I can’t stand the smell of polish & remover.

Now I can wear sandals again!
Now where are my sandals?


A Must -

I’m going to make finding a therapist my top priority!
This really needs to happen.

A phone call out, hopefully a phone call back soon!


I wore a Dress & Flowers in my hair! -

I wore a dress for Valentine’s Day! :)
I can’t even remember the last time I wore a dress or a skirt.
Probably to a wedding a long time ago…
(That’s kinda sad)

I also wore my big pretty flower headband!


Sparkly Saturday -

I’ve finally painted my fingernails!
They look so pretty!
I still need to paint my toes.

I wish that fingernail polish & remover didn’t smell so bad so I could do them more often. :(

Picture is not mine, my nails are not black right now either.
I do love black fingernails though! :)

Sparkly Again -

Mood Boost!

I switched out my rings again & my necklace!
It’s these little things that perk up my mood when I’m feeling down.

I’ve been feeling down lately…
It doesn’t fix anything, but makes me feel just a little bit better!


Nail Polish -

I finally painted my toes this color Slip!
Now I can happily wear sandals again! :)

Picture credit – polishedclawsup

A Song -

to remind me to love myself! :)

One Direction – Little Things

Picture credit – favim

Taking Steps -

to love myself more!

Last night I tried to get out, things didn’t work out as planned.
So I bought groceries instead!
And I resisted buying anything else!

Tonight I got out & did what I needed to do for me!


Proud -

Yesterday & today especially I am PROUD of myself! :)

I am becoming the person that I want to be!
I am so very grateful!
And I hope this feeling lasts!


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