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I'm Trying -

Another call made to a possible therapist!
Finding a new therapist is hard work.
And I don’t like doing it.


One Of Those Days -

The frustration returned today, there was no escaping it…
Too many things to confront/handle on my own.
At least I managed to have a pretty good Easter by walking away yesterday.

I ate cake because there was cake & also to feel better & I ate too much of it.
It was good at first, but I rarely even eat sweets.

Also frustrated because no call back from the therapist.

Tomorrow I will make more calls to find a new therapist.
I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to.
But it looks like I will have to.

And I’m working on reaching out again! :)


Honesty & Love -

Talked to my sibling on the phone!
I was the one to reach out with the actual call.

Being honest with my feelings let’s see what comes from that…
It was scary to be honest.
(Fingers crossed)

But it’s time to be honest!
Honesty with kindness though.


Gold & Grapes -

I managed to paint my toes Golden Conduct!
And paint my fingernails Good To Grape!

And not give myself a migraine!
I painted them while sitting in front of the fan, which was a little drying but I managed.
(You gotta do what you gotta do)

And now the weather is questionable.
What, I can’t show off my pretty toes.

Apparently painting your toes is just asking for rain. ;)
Maybe the sun will come out later.

Picture borrowed from the Internet.

Painted Toes -

Finally painted my toes! :)
I started with Blue/It’s Electric & quickly changed my mind.
I painted them Golden Conduct!
It’s been so long since I’ve painted them since I can’t stand the smell of polish & remover.

Now I can wear sandals again!
Now where are my sandals?


A Must -

I’m going to make finding a therapist my top priority!
This really needs to happen.

A phone call out, hopefully a phone call back soon!


I wore a Dress & Flowers in my hair! -

I wore a dress for Valentine’s Day! :)
I can’t even remember the last time I wore a dress or a skirt.
Probably to a wedding a long time ago…
(That’s kinda sad)

I also wore my big pretty flower headband!


Sparkly Saturday -

I’ve finally painted my fingernails!
They look so pretty!
I still need to paint my toes.

I wish that fingernail polish & remover didn’t smell so bad so I could do them more often. :(

Picture is not mine, my nails are not black right now either.
I do love black fingernails though! :)

Sparkly Again -

Mood Boost!

I switched out my rings again & my necklace!
It’s these little things that perk up my mood when I’m feeling down.

I’ve been feeling down lately…
It doesn’t fix anything, but makes me feel just a little bit better!


Nail Polish -

I finally painted my toes this color Slip!
Now I can happily wear sandals again! :)

Picture credit – polishedclawsup

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