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run a 5k

11 cheers


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I have a fairly good base fitness, for me it is all mental with running. Yesterday at the gym I walked 2minutes ran 3 minutes for thirty minutes.
Is using the zest guide to running, and hopefully in about three weeks I will have ran 5k


So much studying to do for jc and everything just came at once in the last month.
Am very sad I dint accomplish this goal:(

After Gym..

I was able to run 10 min
Thats about 1k 350m

16th of August

Have about 70 days to the race, 10 weeks.

Can run 1km in 8min ( i know thats slow)but for somoene who used to hate running I think its good. Oh and I wasnt even out of breath bonus!

Today I am going to try to walk and run 5k on a treadmill.

Will comment later after gym.


Okay so I am going to french summer college for three weels where I wont be able to do my running ( sad I know) but will be doing basketball and other sports.
Have set the date I must be able run 5 k by the end of november
Today I ran but I didnt really push myself I did 4.2 k walking but ran about 1k of that and wasnt even out of breath so I am getting bettter


Okay so I have been on holidays for a few days and there was no way I could go running there I felt so terrrible there urgh.
I also have shin splints so I have practised some excersizes on them.
I will go running tonight though. I really have missed it

5km route found

Little Island

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