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Yes and No

I have decided to sign this goal off for a couple of reasons.

The first is that I have been published – but not in the way that I imagined. My articles have been on the internet, I have two blogs and I have published 40 Squidoo lenses.

The second is connected with the above. As I set more and more goals, I realise that they are all achievable, but that you have to specify what you wish for. It can be a bit monkey paw-ish sometimes because your sub-conscious will work for you, but not in the way that you expect (hence the above)!

I expect to come back to this goal with a clearer vision next year when all the moving is over.


I found my Nano story from a few years ago and got really into it. Going to try rewriting the first 3 chapters this weekend.

In Print!

I didn’t have my writing published, but I did have my words published in a sizeable trade magazine this week. This was connected with my day job and not the business though. I look forward to the day when the website appears in print and gets some positive coverage.


My little write-ups are now out there on the web. I’m not signing this off yet though. My real aim is to publish a book. I’m also pretty keen on becoming a publisher as well!

Launch Date

My area launches next week with 3 little pieces about local shops & attractions. I am kind of happy with the writing, but hope it will keep on improving. So far, it’s been really interesting. I’ve very much enjoyed chatting to local shopkeepers and now I’m getting some good leads for other interviews.

The online mag is doing well already – it has a mention in the March edition of Elle Trend.

Website Magazine

I’ve been accepted as an area reporter (voluntary) for a women’s online magazine. Concentrates on supporting local businesses and promotes community.

Not exactly what I was expecting when I put down this goal, but very excited!




Already written 3 books which are 75% finished, but can’t tie them up.

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