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stop procrastinating by doing one thing every day that I don't want to do

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Today I will:

1. Go check out the library and get a library card

Today I will:

1. Clean the kitchen
2. Get at least three take out menus from the restaurants near my house

Today I will:

1. Make a list of things I would like to do/see while living in Massachusetts.

Today I will:

Pay my car insurance.

Happy New Year

I was so busy working that I never got to celebrate the New Year. I know that every day is a new day and that we can change things in our lives at any time, but there’s just something about starting a New Year that I find refreshing and hopeful and filled with possiblitly.

Tomorrow is the start of the Chinese New Year. Tomorrow I will:

1. Start a new journal
2. Meditate for 20 minutes
3. Come up with 3 ideas that might help me to regain my balance
4. Reassess old goals, set new goals
5. Be nice to myself

Today I will:

1. Throw away the boxes
2. Do my laundry
3. Get my hair cut
4. Vacuum

Today I will:

1. Finish my work so I can relax and play
2. Do my laundry

Today I will:

put gas in the car so I don’t have to do it in the morning.

Today I will:

1. clean out my refrigerator
2. throw out the trash

Today I will:

1. Pack my suitcase
2. Make rental car reservations
3. Make airport shuttle reservations
4. Give 30 days notice to my landlord
5. Walk for at least 30 minutes

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