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Got new Jillian Michaels book, ultimate. Need to get going. April is half over!


More than halfway done w simple dollar. Glad I got it. It’s more than a personal finance book.

Simple dollar

Got a free copy of the simple dollar on kindle. I’m about 38% done with it already (only 250 pages) so maybe I can fit that in for March as well. Little freebie.

Got some ideas for April, just not sure which one to read first!!


Just finished unbroken. It was amazing. Now I need to find a book for April!

Spring break

Loving my free time from Spring break to read some more. Loving Unbroken, about halfway through with it. Can’t wait to read more!

12 in 2011

Hope to do at least one a month. School is slowing dow my progress. Do textbooks count?


Just ordered my third book. This one I paid for – unbroken. It’s pretty good, and got AWESOME reviews. Love the ebooks!

Progress - 2 so far

So far this year I’ve read 2 books. Both for free on the kindle app! Love it! Already have some ideas on what I’ll choose next. :)


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