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Get a new Computer


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JecketHarnon has written 1 entry about this goal


My dad is being so annoying about this. Prices have been going down an down, and he just wont let me get one. At BJ’s one was $450 and then at Wal-Mart it was $325 but whenever I ask him he just says no, and tht he knows exactly where to get one, and tt his friend will hook him up.

I really of getting tired of that excuse. One of his friends moved away and left him with all of these awesome things, a great soundsystem, all of these cookbooks, and then they leave me their old I-mac which, in the car, looks amazing. My dad tells me that in order to get the computer I need to finish this monstrous 3-d puzzle. 1,850 peices and 3.5 feet tall, a replica of the empire state building, just haphazardly thrown together, the instructions saying that anything with a red line on it was garbage and didn't go in the puzzle.  ALL THE WINDOWS WERE OUTLINED IN RED!!!!!!!!
Finally I finish it, just on the morning that my Book report is due, typed, and My dad sets up the computer and I learn that the computer was made 1993, and is older than me. It just barely turns on and when I prin with it some of the lins are a little messy, but t works. I get home from School that day, and it breaks.
All I want for Christmas is a good laptop, a good laptop, a good laptop!


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