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lose 15 pounds

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Needed to add...

I’m back into all my old jeans. :) I wore an older pair on Friday. There’s only one pair of pants that is still tight, but I remember them being lose when I was at a lower weight. Still need to drop 10lbs to get there.

Uncertain of present weight...

At my boyfriends house and not with my scale so I am uncertain of my present weight. However, I did do a much better job this Saturday making healthier food choices. I think I need to preplan my Saturday meals with him because that seems to be the day I “let go.” If I could get Saturday on track, still let Friday night be a cheat meal, and eat in moderation on Sunday- I would be down to 135 in no time.

The minute my bf’s grandmother saw me yesterday she said “You’ve lost a lot of weight!” I was thrilled. She’s the first person in my everyday life, besides the gym owner, who has noticed. I guess since she doesn’t seem me everyday it is easier for her to tell. :) What I’m doing is working!

I hope to be down 1 lb this week when I weigh in on Tuesday.

By the way- I have completed 1 week of 100 crunches M-F and I’m in the midst of week 1 for 10 push ups per day. My strategy for getting into the best shape of my life is adding small things over time. This summer I’ll crank it up, but while I’m in school, I’ll just add small things.

I really want to do this

and I want to get more serious about it. I want to lose a minimum of 2 pounds per week this week. I’m going to take it one day at a time. Today my goals are:
1. Drink more water than usual.
2. Eat at least 4 pieces of fruit.
3. Think before I eat and pay attention to hunger signals.
4. Do 10 push ups in addition to my 100 crunches & cardio.
5. Not eat past 6pm so my body has time to digest the food.

I’ll report back later about my success.

1 pound down!

I weighed in 1 pound lighter this morning! Hopefully I’ll see the same results on the scale tomorrow. 14 pounds to go!

Good Friday Recap

Yesterday was Good Friday so I was only allowed to eat one meal and I couldn’t eat any meat. I didn’t eat healthy at all come 6pm because I was starving. I ate a side caesar salad, a few fries, some onion rings, and some bread on the table (out to eat). But I did go to the gym for 30 minutes that morning (I almost wanted to die because I had nothing to burn off lol). I also did 100 crunches because its Abs April. Next week, I need to do crunches M-F. I’m ready. Yesterday completed my 11 weeks of working out. :) I’m very proud of myself.


So I’m on my 32 day challenge and I’m doing well with some things and not so great with others.

I have continued with my gym quest and tomorrow will mark 11 weeks of working out 5 days a week. score.

I also began to do abs today. My goal is 100 ab exercises M-F all during April.

I have not burned a minimum of 300 cals per day at the gym. I have averaged between 200-315. For example, today I only worked out for 30 mins and burnt a mere 220 cals. My left knee has been bothering me and I have given it a break for two weeks. Today I decided to run and give it a go. I ran a mile, felt good, but then about 15 minutes later started getting pains again and hopped off. Therefore not meeting my cal requirement.

Also- I am not writing down what I’m eating. However, I have been paying closer attention and making WAY better choices.

I can’t believe that I have pretty much entirely moved away from frozen lean cuisines, lean pockets, etc. for lunch at work. I replaced them with whole wheat baked chicken wraps or something of that nature. Way healthier and less sodium.

I’m very proud of myself still. No weight loss yet, but the owner of my gym yesterday asked me how much weight I lost (15 pounds) and said he could definitely see a difference. wooo!

I can do this.

15 more pounds to go. 5 to focus on for now.

Day 1 of 32

I ate…
> whole wheat jelly sandwich & an orange for breakfast
> whole wheat wrap with baked chicken and lettuce & a lf yogurt for lunch
> 100 calories of popcorn for a snack in between school and the gym
> 2 lf hot dogs on 2 slices of whole wheat toast

I usually eat more than this, but it’s been a hectic day and I need to go food shopping.

I also went to the gym and burnt a little over 300 cals.

I need to do abs.

I am stressed and want to eat EVERYTHING or ANYTHING at all. But I’m not going to.

I want to lose 5 pounds this month. I can do this. Day 1- mission accomplished. <3

Tomorrow marks an exciting day!

I’m doing a 32 day challenge starting tomorrow to help me lose 5 pounds during the month of April. Once I drop a solid 5 pounds, I will be 1/3 done with this goal and down a full 20 pounds since last summer! I’m very excited.

Here are my objectives for the following 32 days:
1. Write down everything I eat for 32 days.
2. Continue to work out 5 days a week burning a minimum of 300 cals per session (this will be wk 11 for me and I’m rewarding myself with new running shoes at the end of wk 12!)
3. Start doing ab exercises 5 days a week. (I can’t believe how nicely my legs are shaping up after 10 weeks, I want to see if I can transform my abs after 3 months too.)
4. Continue to only splurge on junk food on Sundays.
5. Improve my eating overall (relating back to #1). I would like to cut back to eating out 1x a wk max, only junk on Sundays, only 1 bagel per wk, and increase the veggies.

I’ll keep everyone posted. I’m looking to burn 1.25 pounds per week for the next 4 weeks. I can do this!

And if I accomplish this goal, I only need to lose another 10 until I’m at my final goal weight! woo hoo! <3

The starting point

I have already lost 15 pounds since this past summer, but I would really like to lose another 15 pounds by the end of this current summer. I have changed my lifestyle a lot in the past few months. Since January, I have stopped drinking all forms of soda for good. As of tomorrow afternoon, I will have been going to the gym 5 days a week for 10 weeks straight. I have seriously cleaned up my diet and I eat healthy MOST of the time. I have also cut out a lot of processed food and have really upped my veggies and fruits. I’m doing wonderful and I’m 15 pounds from my goal.

My future goals…
> Lose 15 pounds
> Run a 5k in 30 minutes
> Once at goal weight, begin intense weight training
> Abs April (starting soon!)
> Try 30 day shred (again) but for a full 30 days
> Increase water intake to 100 oz per day
> Begin to add yoga in at least 1x a week

This is a lifelong quest, but I feel I can do it if I stayed focused. I need to work a little more diligently and take this a bit more seriously and I hope to report some weight loss next week. Aiming for 1-2 pounds. I can do this!!! Oh yes, and if I lose 1 pound a week for the next 15 weeks, I’ll be at goal weight by July 8th a full month and a half before summer 2010 is finished. <3

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