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write at least 3000 words each day.

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Since the end of May

I have written 10 chapters in the novel I’m working on, two chapters in my novella, and started a CSI fanfic. I’m writing like mad and I love it. I really hope to get my novella finished soon. It’s been awhile since my last update to it.

Now the Test of Time Begins

I am finished with finals. I started this last week. My goal is to achieve AT LEAST 3000 words each day, with one day of the week completely free of writing (unless that is what I want to do.) So I have a day off. I started this officially last week, and so far so good. I have one full story polished and ready to send out, and I’m currently working on about 5 short story projects simultaneously. It’s time to pull out the novel again too. It could use a bit of reworking so I can get back on track and pull it together completely.

It feels good to do this every day, even on days like today, where getting to 1500 words was the biggest challenge I faced since breakfast.


This weekend, I managed to do that every day, and today I got 5000! That is a good feeling. I love staying home on the weekends, and I love it even more when everyone I live with has something else keeping them busy so that I can have my time to write! HUZZAH!

Schedule Smedule

Since I’ve gone back to work and classes, I haven’t had near as much time to write, but I’ve been averaging very close to 3000 words just about every day. There was Wednesday, when I left the house at 8 a.m. and didn’t arrive back home again until 10 P.M. that I didn’t get to write my 3000 words, but I was exhausted by the time I got here. So I made up for it yesterday but writing 4000. I know it doesn’t really make up for it if I’m trying to keep a steady practice, but with my schedule the way it is, it doesn’t always feel possible. Perhaps once I sink into the schedule a little bit it’ll be easier to work around those wicked Wednesdays.

Of all my goals

This often feels as though it’s the simplest. When I get to writing on a really good day, I can do double that, sometimes even more. The only trouble I come up with on this one is finding enough time to do it each day. I’ve done really well these last few days and haven’t had any problems doing this at all. Since Thursday, I have managed to write each day, often far more than I goal myself to. I don’t want to get burned out, but on the other hand, I know if I don’t write I will lose this part of myself that believes in what I’m doing.

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