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tell him I love him


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why did I think I was in love??

So, I told you he had a girlfriend… I was expecting her to be a slut and I was right…that’s when I realized the only interest he had in me was…sex. The fucker told me he just wanted to bang me!
He now acts like the biggest bastard ever. I don’t even remember why I regretted no telling him I loved him too…Thank God I didn’t reply when he told it to me. It would have been a great waste of time.

now, how lucky am I?

wow..I told him…he has a girlfriend…this is just great. disapointed as hell. hurt. but I still feel better cuz now HE knows

come on

oh and so what?! i’m a tell him as soon as i have an oportunity…if he just rejects me, well…i’ll be ok someday again…i’ll get over that, i aint the first and i aint the last one living such a situation

i'm going mad

i’m going crazy…I missed my chance when he told me he loved me…and now i realize i really do love him!!! shit, i’m so stupid…what can i do now? tell him: hey! i changed my mind! what about that???!
i’ll just commit suicide…this situation sucks, it hurts so bad….i really don’t know how to tell him, what to tell him..

an idea anyone??? please


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