Jessy in Georgia is doing 25 things including…

lose 15 pounds

23 cheers


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Jessy has written 6 entries about this goal

So hilarious.

I started this goal in August 2008, and I have finally achieved it. It only took me four years and 4 months. :)

Just one pound away

from completing this goal.

Then I will change it to “Lose 20 pounds.”

Increments R Us.

I started this goal as "Lose 10 Pounds"

almost 2 years ago. After ups & downs, I have lost the ten pouns since January.

I am changing the goal to “Lose 15 pounds,” by which I mean that I am aiming for an additional five pounds. Weight loss is so hard that I like to set goals incrementally rather than seeing a huge goal looming. So even though WiiFit says I have about 38 more pounds to go to reach a BMI of 22, I’m just aiming for the next 5.

So Jessy . . .

how is it going with the weight loss? I am almost afraid to ask. You bit my head off last time.

Sorry. Not going well at all. I have gained six pounds since I started this goal. But no worries. I am still on it.

But you do realize that even if you lose ten pounds, you technically will only have lost four. You really need to lose sixteen pounds now.

Okay. You can leave now. Goodbye.

Touchy, touchy! I was just trying to be helpful.

Go. Away. Now.

Okay, okay! But you know, you really need a concrete plan here. You are getting nowhere fast.

Lalalalala I can’t heeeeeeear youuuuuu!

I’m going, I’m going.

So Jessy . . .

How is the weight loss going? You must have lost quite a bit by now.

Grrrr. Go away.

Awww. You are worried that people will think you are bragging. Come on, we are all friends here.


No, no, I insist. This is your moment! Share and be proud!

I gained three pounds, okay? Now GO AWAY!

Ahhhh, a little self sabotage, eh? Tsk, tsk. Such a shame. Bless your heart.

Go. Away. Now.

Okay, okay. Touchy. Sheesh.

I am starting this on August 2

My goal is to lose ten pounds by September 30.

That’s a little over a pound a week.

I can do this!

Jessy has gotten 23 cheers on this goal.


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