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Jessy has written 6 entries about this goal

I'll never give up on being healthy . . .

just making this one part of a larger goal!

Okay . . . I had neglected . . .

this goal for a while, but I can kick a little butt, take a name or two! Sounds like good, healthy, fun!

okay, team, checking in . . .

. . . for the first time in four months or so.

My hubby has been in hospital after hospital, and now he is back home, requiring full-time care. I have to stay healthy to take care of him.

Here is what I am doing to stay physically healthy:

1. Going back to taking my vitamins every day.
2. Eating yogurt and flaxseed meal every day (well, osmetimes every other day) to promote good digestion and healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.
3. Keeping off the 30 pounds I have lost during my husband’s hospital stays.
4. Getting penty of exercise by rolling him, lifting him, and general care.

Mental health is important too, so I am taking these steps:

1. Keeping friends close by and having them over often.
2. Going back to work, now on a limited basis, full-time in the fall.
3. Retail therapy (haha, gotta love that one)—shopping online for new clothes to fit my slimmed-down self.
4. Taking time for myself, to go on the computer or read.

Here are my goals to be even healthier:

1. Go back to my podiatrist and get her to schedule physical therapy for my aching feet.

2. Limit sugar to maybe one sugary treat (chocolate, a couple of cookies, a piece of cake) per day.

3. Drink more water—at least 6 glasses a day

I am doing a terrible job . . .

so far this week. Last night, I came home from work and pigged out on Baby Ruths and Butterfingers left over from Halloween. What is my problem??? Ah well, confession is good for the soul, and tomorrow is a new day.

Checking in . . .

Last week, my goal was to lose a pound. I am not sure I did it, because I forgot to weigh this morning.

My goal this Thanksgiving week is to eat moderately, to try Nancy’s lima bean solution when I have a chocolate craving, and to eat the way my thin self would—the thin person I used to be. When I was thin, I loved to eat, I did binge on chocolate from time to time, but I ate less overall.


I am finally on the team!

My “Be Healthier” goals are centered on a healthier diet. I want to eat well so that I can lose weight-long-term goal, 50 pounds-and lower my cholesterol (it was borderline last time I went to the doc).

I also want to cut down on sweets. I have always eaten too many sweets, as in “all day, every day,” but it has recently dawned on me that that chocolate is not a food group. I am also trying to drink more water and less Diet Pepsi.

Today, my goal is to record all my water and food, and to drink 8 glasses of water.

I look forward to being part of the group and supporting all of you in your goals.

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