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potty train my daughter

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Maybe she's not ready

She doesn’t want to sit on the potty anymore at all. Maybe I should wait. Also I think she’s teething again, getting her last top molars in. So I guess I will wait until we’re done with that.

Maybe its too early...

She doesn’t like diapers, she will sit on the potty most of the time when I am also going to the bathroom, but not without me. But she doesn’t know when she has to go. I have not tried the “just put them in underwear” technique, because I am too terrified of what might happen!

She also wants the reward stickers, but if she’s not in the mood to sit on the potty, offering one as incentive doesn’t seem to encourage her.

not much progress

Maybe she’s not ready after all. I’m not sure. She likes her potty and likes sitting on it, but towards bedtime she starts refusing to try. Nothing happened in the potty today.

no real progress

No real progress today, except she seems to be getting better at pulling her pull-ups off and on. She definitely loses interest as the day wears on, but she also had a bad rash today and that may have made her less interested too.

Started in earnest today

She peed once in the potty today. We went every 30 minutes or so to try. I think she gets the idea. Towards evening (crazy time) she started being much less interested in sitting on the potty.

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