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Jewel de Lune is doing 7 things including…

become a mermaid


Jewel de Lune has written 9 entries about this goal

Sorry for being gone!

hey guys, sorry I was gone for so long. I’m still alive and hope you guys are doing well.

Happy Samhain :) Hope you’re doing something, if you are awesome :) I just did my ritual and I feel super revitalized.

In response to Iris/Pir

I’ve been feeling a heightened physic sense as well. The energy around me feels noticeably different as well and mine feels slightly different too. Wonder what it means?

(Since I can’t comment…best I could do)


Hey guys so I’ve seen a pattern in some of the posts…

Becoming a mermaid is not, I repeat not, like H2O. I believe it’s where the symbol/necklace thing came from…and the whole wet and dry thing. For example, Claire who just got her tail (congrats! :D) shifted to hers. Shifting means you can turn anytime, not just with water.

Same with powers. There’s more than just bending water and heating it and freezing it. Just from practicing magick and energy manipulation, I can do things with energy, wind, and sometimes water.

So don’t put too much faith in the way H2O portrays mermaids, because it’s most likely quite different.

<3 Jewel


Forgot to post this yesterday but Happy Mabon/Autumn Equinox :) Hope you guys did something special for it if you celebrated it :D If you did, what did you do?

I set up my altar and I braided autumn colors in my hair. I also just relaxed and tried to meditate for balance though i didn’t do it for long. .

More about spells

Guys. Seriously. Writing a spell in another language, even latin, will not make it stronger.

Second of all, spells are fueled by your energy. Without your full intent and will, they won’t work.

I think I’ve said this before, but continually recasting a spell won’t work.

Magick is subtle. It takes time and may not work as drastically as fast as you want it. Be patient and observant!

Like Pir said, spells don’t have side effects. Or symptoms. If you’re having “symptoms” you’re probably sick. Preliminary changes are different.

A circle for protection is ideal. So is invoking the four/five elements (if you want to cast a circle). Research, research, research!! Find what symbols and objects and herbs and everything that would match your spell, even moon phases, days of the week, etc. For example, salt can symbolize earth and water, incense fire and air. White (generally candles) are purity and protection and can also represent spirit. New moons mean change. Find the things you believe are important and with your representation create your own spell. You don’t have to use my examples.

I think I touched on this but if you can, try to write your own spell. It’ll have your connection and your touch to it.

Okay, that’s it for today :) Good luck guys!

Casting Spells Part 1

Hey guys, just from reading various people’s posts, I figured something on casting spells would be useful :)

Pir has a lot of good info too, I think she has a site or something? So Pir, if you wanna add on, go ahead :D

Anyways, casting spells is more than reciting words. There’s usually a ritual to go along with it, but there’s also the way you write and say it. Where? How? With what? etc…You have to put your energy into your spell, which is why it’s important to be in tune with your own energy flow when you cast.

Of course, intent is important too and willpower. Believe in the spell. And you don’t need to keep recasting spell to make it work, once is more than enough. Cast it too much and you can cancel it out or make it do all sorts of weird things.

Lastly (for now) is to please not put a time frame on spells. Let them have time to work themselves out. I don’t believe in putting time frames (like “in two weeks I will be a mermaid”) because it really makes your spell in a time-crunch and when it doesn’t happen on time, you get discouraged and belief will disappear.

That’s it for now :) I’ll probably post something on basics of energy and circle casting later. Good luck!

Hey Guys!

Just to let y’all know, Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox is September 21st. If anyone wanted to do something or just wanted to know :)

Remembering 9/11

Remember those who lost their lives and those who saved lives ten years ago today. I don’t know how many of you can actually remember that day (I know some can), but coming home and seeing the replays on TV, feeling the tension and dread that filled my school, it’s something I can still remember today.

Think, pray, do something special on this day, to remember all those who were lost on this devastating day.

I’m not pointing anyone out, but please remember that terrorists were responsible for this, not their religion and those who follow it. I’ve seen so many instances of close friends who are against them being treated like they were terrorists themselves even though they are strongly against everything these people do and fully support America.

And if you have time,
It’s a site to join the 9/11 tribute movement. You can just add what you are going to do today to remember 9/11. I’m going to wear red, white, and blue like I do every year and a black ribbon.

Regarding Bearclaw

So there’s been a lot of slamming. And I’m not exactly sure how bad his comments were because I recently just came back to this goal. But here’s my opinion.

On one hand, yes he is affecting many people and their belief. I know how hard it is to hold onto your beliefs in magick and mermaids and etc, as I’m a Pagan in the Bible belt. It’s discouraging to see these things, and I agree that this goal has created so much for me. I’ve made valuable friends, discovered who I am, and found the magick that takes a dominant part of my life.

On the other hand, I do agree with him ONLY in the fact you must make sure that your symptoms are NOT MEDICAL RELATED. I had this problem, thinking I had another effect (unrelated to this goal) when I’m actually seriously deprived of electrolytes and body salts from intensive dancing. Plus, as soon as you rule out medical reasons, it makes your symptoms more viable and true :) I just don’t want anyone to get hurt from ignoring the fact that something might actually be wrong. Don’t do what I did to myself, I’m just starting to recover.

Okay that’s my rant. :)


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