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weigh 130 pounds

2 cheers


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Jinja has written 13 entries about this goal

I Should Remove this Goal

I am just shy of 170 now and I just don’t see it happening. I’ll have to renew my effort but I am just too tired right now. On the plus side, though, I have been slightly better about feeling out of control about it.

Seems Unlikely

I went for five straight days without having any treats or sweets. Then I visited my sister and there was chocolate pie. Shabbat Shalom!

I’m under 170 at least, but it is beginning to look like this is an unrealistic goal.

Still Meh

Ach. I’m at 160.5. I sometimes feel like I should give up, but I shall not. Never surrender!

It’s kind of crazy, though. It’s been years that I’ve had this goal. Years.

Renewed Goal

Now that I have a boyfriend who tends to be a healthy eater, I think this might be a little easier to manage.


Been here for about a month and a half. Had my gall bladder removed in August.


I was so careful last week. I had fewer than 1,800 every day. This caused me to . . . gain a pound and a half. I haven’t gone below 163.5 for a long time. I am eating less chocolate pudding, though.

I thought I lost five pounds

I’m down to 164. But now I see that I was 166 at the end of January. Of course, I was 169 at the end of February. Where does that leave me? Better off than before, that’s for sure.

I Joined Daily Plate

It’s really helping me monitor my intake. Now that I am inputting things religiously, I’ve actually been able to curtail my net calories for the day to under my goal (well, not every day).

Hurt My Back, Must Lose Weight

So I am starting again. 166.

Close to giving up

Over the past year and a half, I’ve gained over thirty pounds. Before that, I was close to this goal. Now I think I should change my goal to be more realistic.

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