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list 100 things that make me happy

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God's Plan of Happiness

www.mormon.org/plan-of-happiness     Knowing answers to life's big questions helps us find joy...

Jinja has written 11 entries about this goal


78. Umbrellas with handles
79. corduroy pants
80. key hangs – and that since I got one, I haven’t lost my keys
81. public transportation
82. getting massages
83. giving money to worthy causes
84. being indispensable
85. bank deposit app
86. When I make something clearer by rewriting it,
87. chatting
88. knowing my way around somewhere
89. Being on time
90. That ridiculous chicken ringtone I found.
91. Being a little intoxicated.
92. Giving food to homeless people.
93. Going food shopping.
94. Having a reusable bag with me when I need/want one.
95. Knowing my neighbors.
96. Helping tourists.
97. Haircut!

It's hard to believe I'm not done with this

71. A warm day in winter.
72. Upcycling
73. My sibling relationships
74. My kidneys. I have problems with some of my organs, but that is not one of them. They are functioning just fine. Thanks, kidneys.
75. Science fiction and the hope it implies for the future.
76. Will Smith
77. Being told I have a nice voice.


67. perseverance
68. spell check
69. giving gifts
70. neatness


61. Pinterest
62. fields of flowers under the sun
63. naps
64. call and response songs
65. breathing correctly
66. Kanban flow (which I discovered yesterday)

51 through 60

51. Patrick
52. Jessica
53. my sobrinos
54. Astoria
55. my new apartment with windows
56. fancy underwear
57. free things
58. checking things off a list
59. egg cups
60. my new jewelry box that fits everything!

Things that Make Me Happy: 41 through 50

41. the smell of bakeries
42. raisin challah
43. analogies
44. roasting marshmallows over an open camp fire
45. camp fires
46. good dreams
47. inside jokes that I’m on the inside of
48. people thinking my jokes are funny
49. when people know what movie I’m quoting
50. people thinking of me

Thirty One Through Forty

31) I didn’t throw up today.
32) I get along with my siblings.
33) I am not longer in talk therapy!!
34) I found a new way to deal with pain.
35) Making travel plans with friends.
36) Making plans at all.
37) Calling people for their birthday.
38) Blintzes.
39) Public transportation.
40) America

Twenty through Thirty

20) My brother’s wedding being over
21) Getting a Kindle for Channukha
22) My sister and her family moving three thousand miles or so closer to me
23) My LAST day of therapy (today!)
24) REBT results. Oh wait, that was #4.
24) Reading teen fantasy/sci fi
25) The smell of home grown roses
26) Giving people great gifts
27) The number twenty seven. Although I don’t know why. It’s stable.
28) The people I work with.
29) Getting published by Smartly.
30) Getting things done (and checking them off the list).

Twelve through Nineteen

12) The Intermetro shelving I put up makes my apartment livable again.
13) I told my landlords that they have to pay for the tzedakah box they broke. (Usually I let things like that slide.)
14) Being asked to write copy at work – then being complimented on it.
15) Watermelon
16) Acupuncture
17) Homemade chocolate pudding
18) Le Pain Quotidian
19) Not owning a house

Not Giving A Bridal Shower

And giving a High Tea instead to a much smaller group of people. Much less stressful, especially from half way across the country.

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