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Get on a train and go somewhere different every day for a week

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When I get my travel card

For Brisbane, this is going to be easy, practical AND useful.
Getting trains all over the place is going to make the area a lot easier to navigate, the cards are an absolute bargain and it means I can broaden my job hunting horizons!
It’s less romantic than maybe I would have liked but it suits the current situation!

Finding the time

For this goal isn’t easy, especially since I’ve started working.
We’ll see how it pans out; definitely a 2010 resolution.

On hold

Until I have a week totally free xD
No October half term, Christmas is taken up by friends visiting for Hogmany, and Easter will be spent in Australia.
Next summer, for sure!


Going to do this this summer.
I don’t know how far afield I’ll go, but I have a railcard and very good rail connections :]

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