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Practice random acts of kindness

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Helping those who can't help themselves

A while ago I was on my way to Johannesburg, about four hours away by car from where I live. I was in a hurry to get on the road since travelling on the road at a certain time in Johannesburg can be a big hastle due to traffic. So I wanted to get going, was alreay abit behin schedules but had to stop for gass. At the station a woman came up to me who works for the government in my city. She was driving her employers car and ran a flat tire. When she checked there was no spare. She had to get back urgently however and had been stuck for an hour already with people not prepared to help her. At first I made excuses since I was already in a hurry but after a bit I felt so sorry for her that I asked her to hop in. On the way to dropping her off she told me that white people (I’m white, she’s black) in my country would never help someone in her situation and that she was very surpised that I helped her. This is contrary to what I believed and I told her that I hoped she would meet some more good white people in the future since I know some awesome white (and black) people. living in South Africa where racism is often a problem, I hope I did something to improve it just a little bit by changing her perception of white people somewhat. I vow to do some more nice things in the future.

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