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Remember why I loved sf/f so much!

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Okay, I'm shedding the books like mad

and desparately want this job DONE!!! But just when I think I’m outta s/f, except for my friends there, something happens. This time?

Well, we sold a 2nd anthology!

More details as I know them, later—


I have for various reason been reading blogs and publisher catalogs this afternoon.

Not exactly sure what prompted this, but I remembered after reading descriptions of 4 or 7 books I’d never read, by authors I hadn’t read, published by a house I’d never done business with, that there were reasons I really LIKED sf/f.

I like the intensity of it, the curiosity of it. I like that the readership demands consistency, and a great deal of technical accuracy. More, I like the premises, that it is BIGGER than the here and now.

I have spent a lot of time in my life immersed in selling the genre and spreading appreciation of it. The fact that I’m no longer reading science fiction/fantasy, nor had any impulse to do so, until say this afternoon, doesn’t change that.

I may (or may not) buy some of the books whose descriptions I read today. I may rent (or may not) some of the movies I read essays about too.

I need to remember that although I no longer NEED sf/f to help me find that next “what if” to get the phoenix to rise one more time/ to push that bunny some more, it still is something that I don’t revile, although my life isn’t centered there anymore!


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