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Establish Routines

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This WAS getting done, but now...

isn’t as much. We’ll see!

I’m “giving up” on this to adopt the “hug Todd” goal. Much more worthwhile!


I woke this a.m.

as I do when I go to bed at a reasonable hour, at 4 a.m. That may seem an insane hour to you, but I love it. The early morning birds here are doing their morning opera. Solitude, quiet time to be bumblingly awake for a bit.

And it occurred to me that I should write at that hour, until 6.If I can get used to the idea that I can write when still slightly “foggy” then perhaps this is the answer to the problem of when to write, it always seems there’s too much to do.


Working on this cautiously...

This is the last big piece of the pie to do for me. Paperwork, day to day cleaning, etc. all those little daily chores of self-care that I have never done more than the bare minimum.

Daily self-care scares the crap out of me, but I’m getting there. Dishes are getting down and put away almost daily. Filing is getting done around once a week. I started pricing, packing, etc. books for the show next week well over a week early, not the day before the show, as per usual, etc. It’s coming…slowly.

I wish it wasn’t SO slow, but it is what it is. I need to go out and make a LOT of $ or…, so I can give DH a year’s vacation or so, or something. Or maybe I should just say I love you and thank you for loving me?

I need to go research math classes, later!


It's interesting, to me anyway...

that when I really think about the idea of “divorcing” my family that I have a near-obsessive urge to clean, cull, and get rid of the stuff cluttering up my life.

So, my conclusion is that the camouflage was against my family, specifically, my siblings? Or maybe not? Since I never felt safe in my own house, maybe I simply needed to shed the last of the people that knew that house, and their importance in my life to feel safe. Dunno.

But this is the energy I expected to feel previously. This is the drive to MOVE and get things done that I expected to have when I stopped hurting. And, ironically enough, the thing that makes me want to hit each day running, churning with ideas, and totally revved about WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? is the idea of ripping myself away from the notion that I have a “family.” I don’t. I have a group of people I’m related to, but they aren’t a family in any sense of the word, and never have been, at least to me.


I woke up this am

and did my morning pages. There’s a notebook next to the bed, and I grabbed it accidently instead of my current one. It’s got morning pages from a couple of years ago, including a tentative schedule for the stuff that needs to happen: housework, culling, etc.

So, I modified it and printed it, and we’ll see how the plan vs. reality game goes this time!


The shoplocal.com website did it again...

they’re really determined to get my name off their mailing list. I was really pleased when I got 3 of their emails that had me in NH.

I just sent them another feedback, this time including DH’s fix for their problem. I told them that if I got 3 more emails from them that put me in WI instead of NH, I would unsubscribe.

You know I have enough problems with extra clutter without email sale announcements for some other regiom of the country!


Well, I was successful with my little list, sort of...

I managed 3 full days. Then I burnt my hands and DH did the dishes the first day and the morning of the next…and then I went on this cooking jag and destroyed the kitchen. I made up a meatloaf mix with turkey, pork, egg, tomato paste, orzo, bread crumbs, and a little water and stuffed the 3 peppers we had, then had a small meatloaf’s worth left and that went in, and oh yeah, I also cooked a lasagna pan’s worth of peach/blueberry cobbler too. The food’s great (much better than the loaf with the gluten was) but I made a major mess.

That was yesterday in the late morning, and the dishes from that and all the subsequent meals haven’t (entirely) been done or not done either.


Time to start over, again!


Shop local...

I am on a mailing list for shoplocal.com . It sounds like a great deal, but most of the deals are for stuff I don’t need or use so I glance at it and forget it. Earlier this week they had a Home Depot ad that included a sale on the bead board stuff like I used in pantry. We’re going to use it all around the laundry room too and need about 3 more bundles of it.

DH and I spent an hour trying to figure out if it was worth the $4 off per bundle to get it now and maybe put it up earlier than we’d planned.

Then, I noticed that the ad I was looking at was for WI? wtf? I went into the change location, put in my zip and it still seemed to be WI? I bailed, got on the Home Depot site and sure enough, the stuff isn’t on sale here. :0(

I got another email from shoplocal.com today and I thought god I must have it wrong in my profile so I go to change it. Well, we live in NH, all zip codes in NH start “03” the program truncated my zip code so it dropped the 0!

I HATE brain-dead software. More, I hate being vitimized by stupid programming!

I deleted every single email from them I still had in my in box. Why should I keep them? They’re all deals for WI!

New inbox total unread emails: -2482- 2463


P.S. DH (former programmer that he is) says the problem is that they’ve defined the zip code field as a number, when it’s alphanumeric. I just assumed that they’d done an auto edit, but what do I know? (Not enough to be a programmer, I guess.)

Overfull inbox...

my yahoo inbox had 3300+ unread messages in it. The past 2 days I’ve been culling them down. Now I have just under 3200.

Most of what I’ve been deleting are digest postings from newsgroups I belong to. I can get at the data online, no need to store it in my inbox!

My goal is to get this down to < 1000!


3/2 3170
3/3 -2998 2945- 2865
3/4 2500

I made myself a little list

of the things I need to do daily and weekly. We’ll see if I can keep it up and be consistent!


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