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Today, as my sister and I were driving down a fairly busy road, we noticed the SUV in front of us slowing and sort of gliding into the oncoming traffic lane. At first, we couldn’t imagine what was wrong with him, but made sure to keep our distance.

Then my sister saw what he saw. It was an eagle, standing there, right on the side of the road, over a dead carcass. I too slowed my car and asked my sister to roll down the window.

The quality is a little poor, but here is what I got.




“You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.”
—Ray Bradbury


March came in like a lion in my town. So we made the most of it and went outside to play.

The sad thing is:

I think he can do it.

I've been taking millions of pictures.

I just have to start loading some in here, I guess.


Making something of the summer.

This is what happens when my mom has control of the camera...

It is 7:30 am, northern Wisconsin, Easter morning, 40-or-so degrees F, and my sister and I, fully grown, search for our Easter baskets. Totally dorky.


Egg dyeing celebrations. It takes 1 hour to prepare the eggs, the dyes, the paints, the stickers, the kids, etc… and it’s all over so quickly.

Pretty skies

After a storm.

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