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2010 Goal #73. Make at least 52 donations to Goodwill/Salvation Army/Similar charity

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I completed this by the calendar

and I didn’t actually make 52 donations. At last count I hovered at close to 20. (I count a bag as a donation.)

I am going to have a similar goal as this one for 2011, but worded differently so that I will keep up better. I kept saying “Oh, I will catch up, I will catch up when I am less busy” so ofcourse I never did!

Donated a couple more bags of stuff

I am woefully behind on this one. Perhaps I need to start helping friends organize their stuff and we can take a whole carload, get twelve or twenty bags together all at once! LOL.

PS. One BAG equals one donation, in my mind.

I donated two more bags

and recognize how my busy busy pacing in January and February slowed me down from goals such as this. It is ok, I can pick it back up.

It would be more accurate to say

one oversized bag per week. On Saturday I brought two enormous trash bags, could qualify for the first two weeks of January if I was going to be SUPER picky.

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