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Resolve to have a great 2011 Spring by doing at least one new and fulfilling thing in April, May and June

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My posts reappeared.

I tweeted that something wasn’t working on 43things and now it is. So for the first time I complained on twitter and things changed.

I think that counts as new and fulfilling. Do you?

Hmmmm. My last post disappeared, so I will add another...

I planted a pumpkin plant in my backyard so that this year’s jackolantern will be home grown. YAY!!!

(I have always wanted to do that!)

I entered (and won!)

a story slam contest.

I know, you would think with my theater background this would be a natural but I was scared, wasn’t even going to enter but I did and I won.

(I thought it was pretty cool!)

Last night I set up my Word-Love Goodies at First Friday

and had a blast. My Poetry Fire was like a magnet…

Oh, plus I traveled to Los Angeles to see a foreign film...

Cameron, Emma and I went to Los Angeles to see “Poetry” a Korean film that was fantastic, absolutely fantastic.

Emma exclaimed, “I forgot I was reading subtitles!” just like I promised her.

Ordered prints/postcards for Writing Camp to give out at First Friday

I am getting more serious about promotion. This is a huge deal for me.

Yesterday Emma and I drove around Bakersfield

Taking photos of her high fiving. Yes. We live unconventionally and we LOVE it!

I am traveling again in April, so I know there will be plentiful new things

on that adventure, though other plans may include some pretty great local stuff.

We’ll see!

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