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Going forward with Achievement Radio

I saw Julia Cameron is one of their hosts so I decided to go ahead with them. They are sending an agreement and will get my audio on air ASAP. I also found out they have their shows on live365.com which is another syncronicity as I have been listening to them a lot these days.

Moving forward, onward and upward.

Just left a voice mail for the woman from Achievement Radio

I had sent her an email earlier, but I wanted to do the voice contact thing… so we will see what happens!

Syncronicity Rocks!

This is cool. A woman from AchievementRadio sent me an email, asking about a possible arrangement with them. It is Internet Radio, and while my goal is syndication, this is a definite stepping stone.

I have had my own non-syndicated, conventional radio show, and if this AchievementRadio thing pans out, it will be a great leverage point.

Now, how cool is this? I post my goal, I write a couple entries, and now, before hardly any time has passed, someone approaches ME with an opportunity to get closer to my goal.

Gotta love it!

Coryn called me an angel

She listened to one of my audios – and it touched her deeply.

I need to remember this, since my audios are simply another way to reach out like I did (and want to do again) on the radio. If I can touch Coryn like this, what kind of an impact would it have on the planet if I did so more widely?

Oprah radio?

This is unique. One of my stated goals (that for some reason didn’t get worded like that here) is to be the Oprah of the Radio. Now I hear she has her own Radio Gig on XM radio.

Maybe it is a call from the Divine to contact her?

I wonder….... will consider and check in… more later!

Recording web Audios

I have been recording audios for my website and I adore it. Reminds me that I really really love the radio. I need to be back on there! Yesterday!

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