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Defeat The Dragon Council


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Defeat The Dragon Council

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Everyone needs to calm down, i dont like when people leave. People need to stop leaving, before everyone figures out a meeting place.

And its not good to to clutter the posts up with stuff like “im going to the movies” but like you can say stuff like “i dont know what the dragon council is, can you help me?”

So just calm down guys.


Look, i dont know how, but i have this weird feeling that they cant harm us unless we let them. WAIT. What i mean is that they will only try and attack you unless your willing to fight. I know, it sounds stupid, but yeah. And another thing i know everyone i know everyone is still really like confused in there head, and i dont want people saying “No, im not” becasue i know you are. This is really hard on all of us because we dont have our brothers and sisters here with us. There all in the Otherworld. But i keep getting these flashed raci ng through my head, and soem of the people i know are getting really intrested in what i say and i think the war that is going to soon happen is effecting mankind.

AND is the dragon council actually dragons??? I honestly dont think so, arent they like really dark sorcerers?? And one more thing can someone please fill me in im new an i dont understand much. And also did i paste my link to my battle strategies here???


Hi, ummm idk if this will sound weird to everyone, but i think one of my past lives was in the first war between mythical creatures and the dragon council…i kind of put everything my past life remembers in this blog post


please read! comments are appreciated!


i will help fight, but only if i absolutely have to, but how well do u guys take to fae??? because i’ve been yelled at before…

Ummm...hi....i kinda have a theory...

OMG!!! I just figured it all out!!!! I swear i did! 18 minutes ago
Guys i just connected EVERYTHING. Okay first read my 2012 theory


then everyone has been talking about the dragon council, and how they are killing us (i mean all mythical creatures) and how if the dragon council wins they are going to enslave the human race….HELLO?! We are the ones who are going to fight them! We are the ones who are going to be there when the magic and human world collide! WE are the ones who will protect the human kind, when the dragon council trys to take over! WE ARE THE STARCHILDREN OF THE AGE!!! thats why there targeting us! because we are the only ones who can stop them…

ummm…do you think im close to correct…and how well do u guys take to faeries…


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