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use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without

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Inspired by Bobblelover I need to define when I have completed this goal. So:

1) When I have 1 in use (aiming for this but can have 1 spare) of all my toiletries and household cleaning consumables (USE IT UP).
2) When I can fit all my food in 2 cupboards and the fridge/freezer (DO WITHOUT/USE IT UP).
3) When I leave it no longer than a week to repair or alter clothes (MAKE IT DO).


I was about to take this goal off as it doesn’t really have an end point, and I feel I am pretty much doing it when I re-read Kaz_Dancing’s How I Did It below – I am now going to follow her footsteps for make-up & toiletries (one of my biggest hoarding areas!). I am also going to do as Divine Sublime has on another goal and make a list of things I want to buy, take a raincheck and see if I really need them. I will come back to this goal at the end of September and all going well will mark this as done then ; )

a no-shop January...

....so far (only half way though though) means I have worked my way through my freezer & food cupboards, put clothes together in new ways, and taken pride in pushing on through with older boots & shoes instead of thinking I have to buy new ones, and am not allowed to buy any new toiletries until I’ve use up what I’ve got!
I am going to keep on going for Feb too until I need to buy anything for the cats; ) if I do that then it will be more top of mind ans a habit so will consider this goal done.
p.s. and I’m allowed to buy fresh food from now onwards ony if I’ve planned specifically when I’m going to eat it!

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