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I have got to stop playing, stop working and have got to get cleaning. My sister in law is going to be in town with my nephew this weekend for a soccer tournament. The thing is… we are going to be out of town. For some reason, I feel like my house has to be EXTRA clean since they’ll be here by themselves.

I did my weekly cleaning on Tuesday this week, and of course the kids rooms and my room are all cluttered up again. Argh!!!


I stayed focused long enough yesterday to clean out the hall closet that was in horrible shape. I have a big bag of stuff to take to Goodwill. All the summer shoes and things are put away. I added a small pretty basket for the kids to put their gloves and hats in and added two hooks at their level so they can hang their coats and backpacks up instead of piling them on the floor of the closet.

This feels good… I now won’t have the battles with Kelly in the morning. She thinks it is appropriate to wear flip flops in 30 degree weather. Now that those shoes aren’t in that closet anymore, she’ll have only “appropriate” choices! Hopefully this will make my life a bit easier!


Man… I get so sidetracked lately. I hate this scatterbrained feeling I’ve had recently. I can’t seem to focus and can’t get anything done because something else sidetracks me.

I’ve adopted this goal and hope to be able to mark it off as done soon!

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