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save $5000


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Ups and Downs

Gah. Spent a bunch of my savings due to lack of budgeting prowess… But I decided to save my birthday money instead of spending it, and so as of today I’m up to $4000! Woohoo! In 2.5 months I should be at my goal of $5000. Wow, that will feel good.


$3850.00! Woohoo! Almost there!


Super, super close. I’m FINALLY able to start saving again after switching jobs a few months ago (I don’t know about you, but that ALWAYS sets me back financially, at least at first), and am really close to my $5000 goal now – we’re talking, like less than $1000 away. Pretty excited. =)


I just started my taxes today. Still have to wait on some forms from school, but it looks like after I get my return, I’ll be about halfway to this goal. Which isn’t bad. At the rate I’m saving, I’ll probably hit the $5k mark in about 5 months. Just in time to spend it all on a vacation! ;)

I saved...

...over $5000, then decided the smartest thing to do would be to bite the bullet and pay off my credit cards. Which I did. Which then completely depleted my savings. The upside is I’m already back over the $1000 mark, and depositing at least $600 every month! So hopefully the $5000 mark will come and go very soon.

Frown Face

Well…I’ve almost depleted my savings, due to extenuating circumstances (aka my POS car and trying to pay off credit cart debt). So I guess I’ll have to start all over with the savings goals. =(


...trying to hit that $5000 mark. I briefly hit $4000 but of course, life happened and I ended up having to use some of the money. I’m at $3400 right now, and desperately trying not to touch the money for the next few months. At the rate I’m saving, I should have the $5k by the end of October. Which, my initial goal was to save it by the end of August, so that’s not too bad. Still frustrating though, feels like forever.

This has been...

...much harder than my first goal of saving $3000. For some reason, I can’t get past the $4000 mark. I keep having to dip into my savings for one thing or another. Ugh, so frustrating. I just got a raise, though, and increased the amount of each check that is going into my savings. So hopefully before too long I’ll be checking this one off the list! =)


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