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Just found out that I qualify for some social security disability backpay. We could be debt free by October, if not September!


Paid another $1000 this month on the car, so now were down to about $7000 left. And, I start my new job in two weeks so that should start doubling our payments!

Last Debt

So, last week we finally got our stimulus check, and I was able to pay about $1700 on my car. So, I only have about $9000 left.

I had a good interview today as well, if I can get a good job that will help a lot.

Bye Bye!

Lady Visa is out of our lives forever! Paid it in full and canceled last week. Woot! And our happy stimulus check will go towards my car. I might make it yet!

Almost There

Paid $1500 on the credit card today. $280 to go! Then I’ll just have the car.


Paid another $500 about on the credit card today! $1900 to go.

Getting Somewhere

Got our tax refund back, and have just about finished our first month on our new tight budget. I have the money set aside for the last hospital bill and paid about half of our credit card. Yippie!

Getting Back on Track

DH & I decided to take a finance seminar at our church based on Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book. We have been sort of following his plan before, but we really needed to get reinspired. We figured out what we had been doing wrong, and are definitely on our way now.

We had finally gotten all my medical bills paid, and then I was called for transplant. Fortunately, our insurance is great, so we only have one not too bad hospital bill. With our tax refund we should have that done this month and our one credit card done by July. Then we’ll just have my car. Now that’s inspiration to keep on track!

Where We Stand

DH & I have done very well at not using any credit for about the last four years. We’ve been gradually working on the last credit card for a while, and unfortunately we had to break down and buy a new car for me on credit a few months ago. (My last car was over 20 years old and really going downhill fast.)

I’m really determined now to put more focus into getting the last of the debt paid off. My goal is to finish off this one credit card and a few various medical bills by the end of this year.

The good news is that I’ve been able to pick up a few more hours at work for this month. :)

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