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stop procrastinating

20 cheers


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Kanard has written 10 entries about this goal

Not doing good at all...

For two days I’ve had a brain cloud, I can’t do anything, I have headache and all I want to do is sit…sit and think.

Idling is not always bad...

I don’t think I have ever been without doing ANYTHING at all, I mean even when I’m just sitting there, I’m thinking about something, solving things in my head or creating something, or even just day dreaming, or sleeping (necessary for survival).
All that has a purpose, it is like a prayer, it doesn’t produce immediate results into a product or service but it leaves a sense of peace.
We can’t constantly be finishing the TO DO list and leave the relaxing for when all the chores are done, we need to recharge batteries before we can continue.
I say this not to justify my procrastination for certain things, but even when I choose to do something else instead of something that needs to be done, it might end up being something good.
Maybe if I can convince myself that it is OK to alternate enjoyable activities with chores, and that I don’t need to feel guilty about it, I’ll “work” with less resentment.
As I type this entry I feel the burden of all the chores that I could have done in the time it took me to sit here, but this is the first time today I sit (other than driving the kids to choir), I deserve the break…I do.
And I’m recharged now to go back and be a mom a little longer.

Spring cleaning...

...in this house gets put off until the fall, but since I procrastinated I’m caught up with the cleaning from years a year ago It almost seems like I’m on time starting this task, I hope to finish before the summer, if not …there is always next fall.

oh! and I don’t look like that either….sigh!

why why?

Library books…as much as they like it here they need to go back.


I took the packages to the mail!!!
After it took me ages to go get the boxes then they sat there semi open for a few more days, then they were closed, then I had to find the addresses for a few more days… finally I had a pile of ready to mail things and they sat there for a few more days, Mark had promise to take them to the post office but then they asked him to go to some show from early in the morning until late at night… so I took them myself one day Mark was here for lunch and was going to take a few hours off.
I dread taking all 4 kids to the post office, they are always putting on shows for the people in line…so this time was easy breazy!
Tartsy, Moonie and Ben please let me know when you get them…

Things to mail...

I have things to mail that I haven’t mailed like for ages…
Tartsy I’m sorry it is taking so long, but it won’t be much longer I finally got the mailing boxes for the packages I want to send… and I have it all in them… I just have to take them to the post office…if I don’t procrastinate much they will be off soon…Monniebutt same for you…. and someone else who will be surprised…so I won’t say who.
Sorry Ebmoon I left your painting half finished and it is sitting there, for that who knows how long I want to be inspired you know…so it doesn’t look like homework… and it comes from the heart…it will eventually…I’ll let you know when is on the mail.
Bill would go crazy counting ellipses around here.


I want to get rid of this goal!I need the space … Maybe tomorrow.

I'll write an entry here soon....

I think I will…eventually…

I've been...

leaving 43entries in separate windows and not hitting the save entry button, I forget I was typing, sometimes they were ready to send or sometimes they are not finished, but by the time I get to them I forgot what I wanted to say or who or what I was responding to, then I have to look at the “parent” of that entry, and so whatever I type goes away unless I copy it, but then I forget I copied that and go and copy something else so of course the first is gone. >sight<
This one is posted so … there!

I was going to write something here...

But I’ll wait until tomorrow…

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