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Find a balance between the things I want to do and the things I need to do

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Ok this sounded pretty when I saw it and adopted it.

But now it sounds confusing, when I think about it I think the needs and wants go one on one …
This goal should have included “LIKE to” somewhere and HAVE to…maybe I just missed the whole point.
I don’t know where this tips on my life so far…
Talking In a more basic level, I think all my needs are balanced right…
I eat because I NEED to, and I also LIKE to
I sleep because I NEED to and LIKE to… and so on.
I take care of my family because I NEED to but I also WANT to.
Although I don’t like cleaning so I do it because I NEED to… I WANT a clean house though, clean dishes and clothes, so I HAVE to do those things, it is just so much house work, and it is never finished so I don’t LIKE to do it.
I drive kids around because I HAVE to but I also LIKE and WANT to, I LOVE driving even if it is just to the store.
Doing the shopping for the house is also something I HAVE to but I LIKE doing.
I’ve spent a lot of time here lately because I WANT to…and LIKE to…
But I WANT to do a lot more things that time allows me to do….Art is one… and I don’t get to do much of that without time, to me this is a NEED to feed the soul.
I think I rather not HAVE to do anything if I didn’t also LIKE to do it…
Houses should clean themselves… argh.
Ok , I’m lost in my own words.

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