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Marathon a week : Week 50

week 50: 36.86 miles with a 10.36 mile hike around Lake Chabot. I am planning to keep up the 9 to 11 mile walks on Sunday til mid May in advance of a hiking trip to Yellowstone. I also started doing smaller hikes with a friend on Saturday – Its great to have a walking buddy and the views from the Ridge of SF and the East Bay are terrific

Marathon a week: Week 49

Week 49: 26.57 miles and no long walks after completing the Marathon – I actually had to add a couple of blocks to my last walk on Sunday to meet the goal.

Marathon a week: Week 48

Week 48: 45.82 miles and the Marathon distance (and a bit more = 27.89 miles!) around San Francisco on Saturday. I can mark this done but figured I am only 4 weeks from a year of Marathon a week posts that I would wait the month and write it off as complete on Week 52. It is exciting to have finished such a major goal!

Marathon a week: Week 47

Week 47: 39.78 miles with a 16 mile walk at Lake Chabot as a warm up for the marathon distance this Saturday. I have to say I am a bit anxious about this. It seems so crazy to walk that many miles in San Francisco – I still have to figure out the pedestrian route up to the Golden Gate Bridge as I plan to cross it as part of the distance

Marathon a week: Week 46

Week 46: 28.59 miles with no long walks as I was sick over the weekend. 2 more weeks until the marathon…...

Marathon a week: Week 45

Week 45: 40.87 miles with a very long 23.89 mile hike from the East Bay Hills to the Bay along the Alameda Creek trail. Just 2.3 miles short of the Marathon Distance. Last mile transformed me into the walking dead- trudging zombie like to my car (in the dark).

Marathon a week: week 44

week 44: 29.13 miles and 14 miles at Alameda Creek. I had always intended for the week after I made 20 miles to be a recovery week, but a family issue called me back to the Midwest for a sad family event. So I just managed to edge over the marathon for the week with a bit of indoor walking on the treadmill.

Marathon a week: Week 43

Week 43: 41.52 miles and 20.1 miles along Alameda Creek. The park map actually adds up to 21.5 miles but the signposts at the park only added up to 20 miles – so am going with the more conservative number. I got to say this may be the craziest thing I have done – at the end of this everything hurt – including hair follicles!.

Marathon a week: week 42

Week 42: 40.09 miles and twice around Lake Chabot plus a mile so 19.24 miles. Also four 30 minute rounds of circuit training. I am currently planning the route through SF for March 16

Marathon a week: Week 41

Week 41: 40.72 miles and 18.12 miles (twice around Lake Chabot). I have a slow but study pace but would like to get a bit quicker for the actual marathon distance. I will be glad when I finish this

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