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Name change from "Wish List"

This goes along with the New Year budgeting and focus on saving.

I would like to plan what I want to buy, as much as possible. This will hopefully take out the impulsive buying. If I can simply take the time to write it down here, it shows that I have thought through the purchase and therefore it is meaningful enough to spend money on. And, the longer I can wait for it, the better. If I forget about the purchase, or decide that it isn’t necessary, then it wouldn’t be worth the money. The plan is to not own anything that is not useful or beautiful. I want to simplify to owning only things that I love, or use regularly.

Today I almost bought these on Amazon. Instead, I’m adding it to my list here to think about and further research the best one with the best price. So unlike me. :)

Other BIG planned purchases for the next couple months:
  • Ipad (!!!!!)
  • Plane ticket to see my grandma in March

The concept.

This goal is an effort to be more financially responsible, yet while still having luxuries. I figure that if I want something badly enough, I should plan for it, think about why I want it, and wait for the right time to purchase.

Impulsive buys don’t really bring extended pleasure, and the happiness they bring is usually fleeting and not worth cost.

Pictures and more research are to come, but this is the initial list:

  • big desk
  • Goldfish tank stand
  • External hard drive
  • Ipad (!)
  • Mossimo t-shirts (and get rid of all the old, junky ones)
  • bras (a good collection of high quality ones)
  • Ipod or Itouch (big one, currently have the nano)//Edit: got an Iphone instead.
  • Macbook
  • PBS’s Frontier House, 1900’s House… all series on dvd.
  • Sara Bareilles’ new album (when released) and all older ones
  • All DMB albums.
  • New TV Got this one for my birthday this year. Best. present. ever.
  • DVD player
    Will do research with pictures and pricing later!


So, I kinda just fell in love with these , even though they are TOTALLY not my style. They are just awesome, and I want them.

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