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Saturday, Nov. 6th



Added this awesome little cave for the pleco who had no where to hide:

Cleaned, replanted all the plants, took out all the dead parts, planted some new bulbs, added a new powerhead.

still need to hook up the C02 again

Not such a good fish day.

I was excited to fix up some new accessories this afternoon in my big tank, but ended up realizing that my big guys are sick. I’ve had a long exhausting evening of tons of 5 gallon buckets of water changes and fretting about if I am doing the right thing to prevent them from dying.

I ended up totally emptying and refilling my 37 gal. and quarantined 2 of my older fancy ones. The larger gold one has obvious ich on his tail, and the smaller calico has a bit. I’m regretful for moving them at all in the first place, and not just leaving them alone while they were healthy. Not sure if the stress of the move caused it, or adding them to the big tank with the 3 little new guys. But the little new ones seem really happy and healthy and active, with no signs of ich. I’m hoping that the medicated tank helps, and that I don’t awake to dead fish. :(

I also noticed that Trout has red streaking on his belly and around his bottom fins. Not sure if this is an internal infection or not. All three big guys have been very lethargic and bottom sitting since I moved them, and I’m afraid they will die if I don’t try at least something to help. I feel like a bad mom :(


Trout- 9-17-10

What’s needed for the big tank:

  • A 2nd filter?
  • Big powerhead (or 2- check out Home Depot first)
  • 2nd set of bubble strip to make them go the length of the tank
  • Better light (Or extension for current one at least.
  • Anchor the power strip to the wall
  • On/Off timer for lighting
  • Scrub the center piece from the old tank

I love my fish.

So much… it’s almost odd. :)
So, it’s time to document them. I had fallen in love with having fish since about 4 years ago when I got a 8 gallon, plastic hexagon fish tank kit with a filter, and goldfish. I thought I was fancy because my goldfish had a filter. They make me incredibly happy, swimming around, bright against the clean water, and so peaceful. I haven’t known where to begin, and I have been waiting to start this goal because I want to change this or that. But, it’s about documenting the process. The fun of the hobby is the change. From getting a huge new tank, or fish or simply changing one plant or cleaning the tank. So I’m going to share my love of the process in pictures.

I’ll start with my new tank last year- a 16 gallon, bow front tank

New Tank
This was August 3rd, 2009. Just over a year ago.

And this is the Pleco, same time.
Aug 3- 365

They are all in this ginormous 100 gallon tank now, but I will chronicle the adventures of how they got there in the next entry.
100 gal 9-13-10

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