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permanently remove 43 pieces of clothing from my wardrobe

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Socks, PJ pants, and t-shirts

Three areas to start with. And they may take up all 43 pieces… but I will keep going after that number. It will be fun to keep track of exactly how many things I give away.

Over the past week I bought a ridiculous amount of new sweats/ yoga pants/ PJ pants. Yesterday I went to Old Navy and got a bunch of clearance t-shirts ($1.47, 2.47, 2.99, 3.99… woohoo!) that are big and soft and comfy. So, the plan is to get rid of all my sleeping t-shirts that are old, too small, and not loved. I want to only have things that I love and use. Must resist my hoarder tendencies and not rationalize when I may one day use something… I’m excited about all my new stuff though, it will make it MUCH easier to let go of the old.

may start this today!

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