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Get motivated to finish my work (data entry)


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Karina_71 has written 3 entries about this goal

Blah day / Neck pain!

Well, let’s see… I’m done with my work for now. It wasn’t much but I finished it fast today since I started working on it right away, shortly after I got to the office. THAT’S THE GOOD NEWS~!
The “NOT SO GOOD” part is that my neck hurts A LOT today (I have a herniated disc) and even though I try and stay positive, physical pain makes me feel blue! :( wearing my brace now, took my aspirine… and praying that it gets better before tonite’s football event!

Well... I'm done with my work until next year!!!

Yes, I’m off work until 1/4/10!!!!!!!!! However, I’m not able to complete this as another “I’ve done this” entry on my list just yet since my work, my daily work requires me to do a great deal of repetitive, boring, mind fogging data entry of numbers pretty much every day, and I ALWAYS need motivation to get my part done! Yes, folks… this is an ongoing challenge that I have to face “one day at the time”

We are all done for now, though! Nothing left undone the office before I left... another good day work! :)

It's hard to finish what you HAVE to do when you ain't motivated!!!

I’d much rather be chillin’ with Sawyer than entering loans for certification!!!



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