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get a part-time job

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children's sports coach?

I applied for a job I felt I had no chance of getting, seeing as I was so fed up with not finding anything. A few weeks later ended up with a job interview and an offer to come and see what the company did. I was pretty shocked. So last Saturday I went along to have a look and am going both this Friday and Saturday to have another look :P I’m still not really sure about this job, trying to be open-minded about it, but I’m not particularly enthused about sports. Plus the fact I don’t have a driver’s license may be a nuisance.


Applied for a job as a “Food and Beverage Attendant”, as opposed to a waitress… It’s really close to where I am, would pretty much just have to jump on the bus, very good for me considering I don’t drive! :P

Those sucky phone calls...

Got one of those this morning. As it turns out, someone with far more experience has changed their days over to Wednesdays and Thursday-Wednesdays being the only day I could work. So I’m being “kept on file.” Disappointing, but I’ll just keep looking I guess.

Not too sure..

I had my first day last Wednesday, working at an autism centre. It was eye-opening, but I’m not really sure that it’s for me, I kept forgetting things. But I have to remind myself, that it was only my first day, so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I just like to know what I’m doing.


*Went to see Centrelink (who have, in fact, completely screwed me over and I’d like to see them explain just how I’m supposed to live on such a ridiculously low amount)
*Applied for two casual jobs (crosses fingers)
*Halfway through applying for and still searching for scholarships

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