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adopt a cat

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so cute :)

A lady at work tonight

brought in a kitten which was snuggled into her shoulder attached to a leash. All of the girls I work with (including myself) went “Eeeeee!” and went a little nuts over the cuteness.

So. I’d really like a cat.

Oh, I think I might be

allergic to some kinds of cats :( We stayed at a friend’s house who had their cat indoors a lot of the time and my nose and throat was running and itching like crazy. Of course, there’s always the option of keeping it outside, but I don’t want it eating all the native birds.

I'm hoping this isn't

a symptom of future crazy cat ladyness, but for the past few months, I’ve really wanted to get a cat. C. works a lot of nightshift and it would just be, well nice, to have someone to keep me company. But would also not be demanding of my attention, to the point where it’s overwhelming. Maybe next year?

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