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Sign up for the remaining field hours, communicate, finish.

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Seems like this has been with me for so long…glad to have a feeling of completion but in some way it feels lonely too.

Very happy and relieved. Will wait to see in writing that I’m finished, like when I do finish paying the tuition bill.

Communicating, working and faxing!

Sent a 14 page fax off to the dept dean today. Working in a high school library tomorrow. Asked for the day off and it was approved.

Working, working. Feels great.

Friday December 9th

Spending time in a former colleague’s nice high school library was wonderful, refreshing, awesome! So glad she’s doing well.

Have collected a good amount of paperwork that counts toward this goal. Need to assemble this and get it on the way Monday.

November action

Communicating, writing, compartmentalizating. Working…it feels great to rattle this cage…

First step, done. Registered online for field hours.

The journey of 1000 miles is completed by taking the last few steps. Keep going, just keep going!

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