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Updated goal-spend 16 minutes a day sorting and re-organizing.

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Succeeding at this goal

is a daily event I’ve come to enjoy. Things are finding their places like magic. A few mins here, a few there, rather than trying to ‘build Rome in a day” (to coin a phrase)...

Spending productive time tossing, organizing

& finding keys that match three padlocks.

Found a favorite pair of jeans yesterday

while flitting around folding, unpacking, transferring,etc

Asked the water remediation company to help

with the heavy things in the garage. After all, it took more than one person to get the stuff out there, etc…why not get a small crew to help put the big stuff back! They were here within a short time and made it look simple.Whew.

inching forward on this one

With some muscle from next door, spent a few pleasant minutes moving furniture from the garage into the house. What a relief it is. A few more to go.

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