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Walk Point Defiance 5 Mile Drive before I leave WA

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So, I was working towards this goal by walking with the kids everyday. We started slow with just a half a mile walk. Between the baby and then me and my swollen leg, I didn’t want to push any further. I then increased it to a mile and then a mile and a half. By then we had added on a friend who is elderly and has a knee pin. We still continued on with the 1.5 mile walk a day with her and then I did on my own at a different time a 1.5 mile walk. So, I did make it up to about 3 miles a day but not all at the same time. I stopped walking when things got a bit crazy around here and I couldn’t find anyone to walk with and the kids got tired of it. None of the walking was fast though we did manage to get about 20 mins a mile with all of us walking. Not too bad with children and an elderly lady.

The kids want to start back up with walking so I’m going to hit it up again and try to get it in a day. We have a trail in which if I walk it twice then it will give me 5k which is a 3 mile walk. It has no hills though and it is 2 miles short of what I need. I would have to walk it 3 times to get close to the 5 mile mark. I think I’ll go 4 times and that way if I get lost or have to back track I’ll be use to that extra bit of walking. I would love to do the walking with the younger ones but I think that is too much of a walk with all the hills and the such. I think instead I’ll do it with my oldest and we can make that a goal that we finish together.

Because I promised myself I would

Up in Washington there is a city called Tacoma. I’ve lived in Tacoma since June of 2005. Every year I’ve made a drive down to Point Defiance and have driven through their 5 mile drive. Every year I tell myself (and the kids) that one day we will hike it. At one point I even started “conditioning” us for the hike.

Well it seems that we will be leaving Washington one day soon and we have yet to make it through that 5 mile drive.

So, before we go, I want to make it through that hike, take pictures, hang at the beach and have a picnic.

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