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I actually did it.

I’ve just got back from posting my secret. I’ve been meaning to make it for a few weeks and kept not getting around to it, and then finally this morning I just sat down and did it. I knew what I wanted on the card, so it didn’t take that long to make.

I decided to put it in an envelope to send it off, because I felt really shy and embarassed posting it on its own, where other people could see.

I feel really proud of myself for sending it. It’s not like my secret was huge and heartbreaking, in fact it was kind of silly, but actually, writing it down, knowing that someone else is going to read it…I don’t know, I feel excited and nervous at the same time.

This is the first goal on my list I can count as done!


I’ve been meaning to start on this goal for a couple of weeks now, but wasn’t comfortable doing it until I’d bought myself a printer. I don’t want to handwrite my secret because I’m paranoid as all hell, and printing it out in the public Uni library is way too risky for my tastes.

I actually have two or three secrets I could use. I’ve been considering making them all but decided to just start with one and see how it goes. I’m not sure how exactly to word it yet, but I know what the card is going to look like. I’m going to make it within the next week or so, I think, when I’ve got some free time.

I’m feeling a little nervous and excited to get my secret out of my head and onto something tangible.

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