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Kim68 in Warwick is doing 6 things including…

master cleanse


Kim68 has written 12 entries about this goal

Day 5 afternoon

I broke fast today after my “incident” this morning. I just felt wrong digestively. I couldn’t seem to get off of the toilet and my 3yo son kept coming in to harrass me. I haven’t gone crazy, just ate some dry Cheerios, one cup of coffee, and some cantaloupe. Now I am trying to decide whether to go back to fasting or just start to transition to a truly heathy diet. I’m leaning strongly towards resuming MC. I’m going to the gym tonight and always think most clearly after a good workout. I really do feel good and don’t want to lose that. Getting hungry…I think I’ll have a LA before my workout.

Best to all the MCers!

Day 4/5

I was so proud of myself yesterday. I took my 2 kids over to my sister’s for swimming and managed to stay true to the cleanse. Her house is snack central and some wonderful aroma is always drifting from her kitchen. This was my first time socializing and cleansing at once. I had already decided that if I really couldn’t handle it that I would let myself eat some fruit and then get right back on track, but it was easier than I thought.

Mornings are the hardest for me. I really miss my coffee, and the SWF is brutal. It literally takes me 2 hours to recover and detach myself from the toilet.

Okay…so… the part that I’ve been avoiding. I woke this morning to discover that I had an overnight episode of “anal leakage”. How horrifying!! I thought that I would puke!!! I had already cut down on the SM from 3 capsules to 1 (did you know that Smooth Move comes in a capsule? I got it at GNC) because I was waking up at 2am for multiple elims. This is ridiculous. Has this happened to anyone else?

I was going to quit after my unpleasant suprise this morning, but reading everyone’s posts makes my want to try to ride this out. I have lost 9 lbs in 4 days and feel great physically, mentally, emotionally. I don’t want to quit, but seriously, leaking butt juice?? I don’t think so!

So I will skip the SWF this morning and once again spend most of the day in a bathing suit. We have a swim lesson/playdate at a friend’s house today. I will keep trying. I really want to get to the interesting detoxy parts of the 2nd week, but I think that a second “accident” would be a deal breaker.

Good Luck Everybody!!

I'm back (again)

So here I go again trying to cleanse. I am on day three and didn’t want to even write a single post until I felt confident that I could stick with it this time.

I really need to lose at least 50 lbs and the extra weight is really becoming a burden in so many ways. (Wow, I never quite thought of it in that way until I wrote it…) I feel like I have lost my true self over the past 8-10 years. It has happened gradually enough that I didn’t even notice it as it was happening. I think that the cleanse will help me to get back in touch with my true body and spirit. I am looking forward to the feeling of pride when I have accomplished this goal, and the renewed self confidence that goes with it.

This post is nothing like what I thought I would write when I sat down. Very enlightening. Thanks for the free therapy.

Good luck to all the cleansers! See you on day 4…

Here I go again!

Once again I am trying to cleanse. Attempts #1&2 were learning experiences. I figured out a lot of coping mechanisms that work for me. Attempt #3 was 5 days of feeling pretty good, but I quit and had a cup of coffee when the weather forcast was for wind chills as low as 10 below. I’ve been waiting for some reasonable weather so that I can spend some time outside, and my kids and I won’t be trapped in the house. So…here goes!

Day 5

Somehow this is getting harder for me as I go on. I’m hoping that its just a weekend thing and that it will get better on Monday when my husband is back at work and my daughter is back in school. That’s what I keep telling myself. If I can get through the next 36 hrs (and I can!) then day 10 will be Thursday and everything after that is just gravy (mmm…gravy). I’ve dropped 8 lbs already so that should be motivation enough. I want to stick with this until I lose 20.

Where is my zen?

Day 4 Halfway

Just stopped in to read and post because I really want to eat food. Somehow it just seems wrong to not eat on the weekend!

Just reading posts gives me an extra shot of willpower – THANKS EVERYBODY. BTW love the toilet picture!

Day 4... Hooray for us!

Today I am going to attempt to go to the gym. I really want a little cardio and a good stretch. I haven’t gone so far bc I didn’t want to embarrass myself in the bathroom…but today I’m feeling a little bit more predictable. Dropped 7lbs already and that is keeping me motivated. Choked down the whole SWF this morning and I feel like I’m over that hump. Happy Thoughts to All…

Day 3 and I'm coasting

I’m getting the tiniest bit paranoid that I haven’t yet felt crappy. On days 1&2 I took a caffeine pill in the morning because I knew that the withdrawl headache had been the deal-breaker for me in the past. Today I skipped it…I’ve been up for 6 hrs. and feel OK. Hopefully I’m done with the caffeine. Today I choked down 3/4 of the SWF using a that’s an improvement. It is still horrendous.

Reading your posts makes this so much easier. I can’t really imagine doing this this great community! Much love to all!

Day 2 and its OK

Well I made it through day 1 without a headache, and not even as tired as I expected to be. I’m halfway through day 2 and I feel like I’m already coasting. Tried my first SWF this morning. What a challenge. I got halfway through and then it started to do its job. I couldn’t bring myself to finish…I think that tomorrow I will try using a straw…that seems to be my universal solution. I started using a straw for tea last night.

I’m feeling good except for the constant bathroom trips. It makes me want to not leave the house. I don’t know how you guys are doing it when you have to go to work and use a public bathroom, or get on a train or bus for 30 minutes or more. I feel like I would have to wear a diaper!
Good Luck to all!!

3rd time a charm?!?

Ok so this is my 3rd attempt. So far so good. Apparently I am going to be the poster girl for doing your best within your personal limitations. These are my coping strategies:
*This time I’m starting on a weekday with just me and my 2yo at home. This is easier than relying on my husband to do 90% of the parenting while starting on a weekend. He really tries to support me in this, but attempts 1 & 2 were tough on him (even though the both only lasted 1 day).
*I take my cayenne all in one shot with just a little lemonade. I read this suggestion here during attempt #1. Its really not any hotter and it makes the rest of the LA much easier for me to drink.
*OK… This is the big one…I started my day with a Vivarin (200mg straight caffeine). The headaches that I got during my first 2 tries were truly unbearable…so this is my solution. Hopefully I will only need to do this for the first few days, but so far NO HEADACHE!! I’m sure that some will REALLY disagree with this but I’m simply not perfect. Weaning myself off of caffeine is not my purpose for doing this cleanse, so if this crutch is what it takes for me to reap all of the other benefits (hopefully) then so be it.

By this point in the day on my first 2 tries I was really feeling rotten and was barely functioning. This time I feel pretty darn good. Time will tell.

Good luck to everyone and I hope that this gives some encouragement to my fellow imperfect cleansers. Do YOUR best and judge not.


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