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Save up six months worth of living expenses

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How to calculate

six months’ worth of living expenses?

Too many variables in that equation for any stated amount to be truly accurate I fear.

Perhaps it will be easier to frame by saying “six months’ worth of wages”.

Six months = 26 weeks.
I have got 5 weeks’ wages saved.

Therefore, I am at 19.23% of my goal.

A small amount of progress to report:

Real work on this goal had been delayed due to some indebtedness. I am at a stage now where most of that has been cleared up and over the past month I have been able to put aside a few hundred squid.

There is still however a small amount of indebtedness though as I mentioned, so I might later have to draw upon what I have saved in order to put all to rights.

However, if that should be so, I do have some money due to me that I would replenish the 6 months fund with. In that case, it would really be more like giving myself a short-term loan. :)

So far

I’m struggling somewhat with this goal.

I am saving money, but it is earmarked for Specific Things. The “Six Months” goal is to save six months’ worth of money in General Revenue. And I’m struggling with achieving it because I am still paying off some debts.

Perhaps I will start making some headway when I get the results of my income tax. Let’s hope.

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