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become a mermaid

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Q and A session #1

Well, I’m going to try and answer as many questions as possible here. If you have any more questions leave them in the comments! If I can answer them without too much effort I’ll comment back. If not, I’ll save them for my next Q and A session :) Here we go!

How did you become a mermaid?

For those of you who don’t really know me, this has been a really common question. The answer is this thing I like to call the “Shifting Method.” Basically, it takes a more mind over matter approach, rather than having a bunch of uncertain mermaid lovers pray to sea nymphs that they don’t even know if they believe in. The method involves doing research, meditation, and some spiritual fulfillment… to me at least :). I won’t describe the whole thing, but almost all of it is on this site here

So basically my journey began two years ago. I had been on the werewolf goal under a different name… and I really liked their methods. It seemed so much more realistic than just doing a bunch of “spells.” So, I modified the method a bit and tried it out.

Throughout the next year, I worked tirelessly on my m shift, phantom shifts, and f shifts. It was hard, but after a while it felt like I really was a mermaid. I didn’t have a tail, but I identified myself as one with the sea. I joined this site, and soon after began to make physical process. This was through a method called p shifting, which is not on the site I posted above yet. Finally, I got my tail (a year from tomorrow, in fact).
That was only the beginning of the journey.

What is it like?

Well… it’s different. I’ve described it like being famous. There are really good parts to it, and really bad parts to it… it’s just a different kind of life. The main thing is that there really is no going back. You can’t just not shift… you need to. You are a mermaid AND a human. You need to spend a lot of time as both, or else you just feel horrible and divided.

Another aspect of it is that you never stop changing. What? Did you think you could just get your tail and that would be it? No. Even after the first shift, you continue to become more and more like your other half. For me, it started with spontaneous mental flares in school. I ran away a couple times, and it got to the point where I pretended to be mentally ill so that my mom would take me out of school. By that point, I decided that it was best to go back… to get rid of my mermaid side. Well, that proved harder to do than becoming one in the first place. Eventually I gave up, and now I guess I’m just try to slow down the process. I’m not entirely sure where it ends. I think I’ve slowed it down and it might come to a happy medium between mermaid and human sometime here soon :)

Does it hurt?

I’ve described it to quite a few people as stretching a sore limb. It hurts, but it feels good at the same time too. I’m not entirely sure how long it takes because usually I’m in an altered state when I shift.

How should I contact you?

You can contact me through my email, and I can chat on there as well. Or, you can comment/message me on here :) I don’t answer messages as often though, I’m on my email a lot. I’m thinking about creating a separate facebook page for this, or perhaps a blog. What do you guys think?

Do I get a top when I shift?

Well.. you might be able to. I don’t have one, to be honest. I usually just swim with a swimming top!

Is it like in H2o where-

No. It is not like H2o. At all. Basically, everything in H2o is the exact opposite of how it really is, save for the being a mermaid part. Disappointing? Yes. However, if you want to become a mermaid because of any of the things mentioned there, then you don’t want to be one for the right reason anyway.

Finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for…

How do I P shift?

Okay… well. Let me answer your question with a question of my own. How do I know all of you are ready for this? Further, how do I know I’m not going to just be ruining all of your lives by making this information public? For those of you who have gotten the m shift down perfectly, and who have really been working hard at this… then good job. I’m just wondering about those who don’t put too much effort into this, who will either tell everyone that the method doesn’t work due to their own lack of effort… or worse (and highly more likely) succeed, but have it ruin their lives because they weren’t ready.

That being said, I’m not going to release my methods yet. What I am going to do is give you all a quiz that I made, just so that I can see how the goal is doing and how many people are really trying hard at this.

You can find the quiz here

I’d love it if you could enter your user name when it asks for your name, just so I know who you are. Don’t worry if you don’t pass, because the test doesn’t take into account the writing questions.

Well… that’s it for now! Comments are appreciated, please take the quiz :)


Hey you guys, remember me?

So, most of you probably don’t remember me… but if you need to know, I’m basically the chick that completed shifting and introduced it to this site. Currently I’m in Florida, although I won’t say where.

I would LOVE to have a Q and A session sometime soon…. I could make a post, or actually be on here live and have a bunch of people get on at the same time! It’s been a while, and a lot has happened.

I have to go soon, but I just wanted to say good-job to Aisha for being so dedicated and helping to keep shifting alive :)

If you want to know anything more about me, just look through my profile. My tail picture is in my pictures. Happy swimming :)


Things haven’t been going so well for me. I was glad to see some people commenting on the entry I posted, who remembered me, but my internet was being stupid and wouldn’t let me reply. We tried to get that fixed, so hopefully this gets through.

Anyway…. I just wanted to see who else was still shifting? So far, I’m absolutely positive that it is THE way to get a tail. That, or I’m insane. Not really sure which one, but oh well. Having a tail is so different than what I thought it would be. At first, I thought would be cool and amazing and I’d get to explore the sea. And in a sense, that’s exactly what it is. But at the same time, its changed my life and its changed me. You might think to yourself “Oh, yeah, I can just have a tail and when I’m done being a mermaid I just wont shift back.” But its not that easy. Its not like a side hobby, its more like half of your life. At school, its at the back of my brain, screaming at me to get near the water, to swim away, to hide from these strange humans with feet instead of fins. I’ve lapsed into an accidental mental shift more times than I can count, where everything is a different shade and things are just so different and irrational.

Its hard to resist the call of the sea. And even when you do, even at your most human, you still feel alone in this world.

So for those of you still trying to shift, and, actually, anyone on this goal, let me warn you. It is a beautiful and horrible experience. It is terrifying and thrilling and disturbing and amazing. But the one thing about it, is that no matter what you’re feeling or what changes you are going through, you are doing it alone.

Completely alone.

I'm back I think...

Hey guys, so some stuff has been going down with my tail. Its been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been thinking about running away to the ocean, and I almost did twice. The first time, I was riding down to the beach and then broke out in tears and headed for home. The second time, I made it pretty far… I don’t really know how far, but I was gone for a day or so, and my mom finally found me. I don’t know whats going to happen now, but it sounds like they’re just going to let it slip, because I told them I wasn’t actually running away, I just needed some space. I haven’t been able to shift for three days now, because my mom has been watching me too closely.

I came on here hoping maybe you guys haven’t forgotten about me….. but it looks like you’ve forgotten me AND shifting and have just gone back to those stupid spells that don’t work…..

Im sorry…


I’m really sorry Pir closed her account… I’m not sure why she did, but it sucks that it happened seeing as she WAS a valuable asset to this community… even if she didn’t believe me :\ So uh, anyway, I put my tail picture back up in my pictures on my account page, so feel free to take a look, but hurry because I may take it down again. I’m a little scared of what could happen, hopefully you all understand :)

Wow I need to get posting more!

Hey guys :) So, it seems 43 things has picked up a lot, and thats great! I’ve only sent a few people the tail picture, sorry about that… Anyway, I had a better idea :) If you go to my profile, you can click on my pictures :) I haven’t posted many, but thats where I’m going to keep my tail picture! I’m leaving it up for today and tomorrow, and then I’m taking it down tomorrow evening, so hopefully everyone gets a chance to see it. If a bunch of people missed it, then I’ll probably repost it some other time within the next week, and I’ll let you guys know when that is :)

Hope you all are having a good time with shifting… I think maybe I might come on chatzy for a designated time to answer questions sometime in the next week as well, would you guys like that?

Happy shifting!

I'm back finally

Sorry for leaving you guys hanging on the tail pics, yesterday was incredibly rough. I kinda had a break down at school, my mermaid mind came out and all I wanted was the ocean and my tears reminded me of the ocean so I cried harder and…. it was just ugh. I’m back to my normal self now, but its just another thing that comes with the whole mermaid thing, sometimes its hard to stay in control. Not to say I was about to pop a tail right there, but you know.

Anyway, I’ve decided what I’m going to do about the tail pic. Basically, I’m just going to pick some people from on here and send them the tail picture. There’s no certain amount of people I’ll send it to, just as long as you seem mature and trustworthy I’ll probably send you the picture. SO if you want me to email you the picture, just put your email in the comments, or email me at (haha, I DO love my username! )

Good luck you guys :)

My tail

Okay. sooooo now that my head is on a little straighter, I can finally tell you guys what happened!!!

I was on the phone with Cal (supersonic_waterflow) and he was just talking to me a little bit and helping me. Anyway I focused on the sun going down, and I imagined the day time as me, the light part of me that’s mundane, and logical. And then I imagined the night as the ocean and mermaids, magick and things not seen or understood. As the sun was setting, I finally shifted into my true mermaid form. It felt weird at first, but at the same time it felt like stretching a sore muscle. So it was a little painful, but the good kind of pain. It just felt so RIGHT. I’m really happy to answer any questions anyone has :)

Ok also… about a picture of the tail. I really, really want to show you guys, but I’m scared. I don’t want people to… I dont know really. I don’t want to be attacked, and im scared people will think I’m a fake. Or maybe someone will take the picture from me and say its them. Or maybe the wrong person will see it. I don’t know… a month ago I would have said that the first thing I’d do is post a picture, but now I’m not so sure. What do you guys think I should do? I won’t expect anyone to believe me until I show proof, I just want to know what you guys think is the best idea? Maybe I could email the pic? Idk….

Chat! This is the chat that I’ve been using, I’m not sure who created it, but it would be way cool if we all used it more :) Then we could shift together and talk!

Also, like Jewel, I think it would just be a really good thing if we all prayed or sent energy to everybody that lost something on 9/11 ten years ago. Its really tragic that what happened, did, and I’m really glad my dad decided to stay back with my mom and I on that day instead of going to the city. He might not have been hurt, but I still can’t even think about it.

Anyway, happy shifting to all of you and good luck America in the recovery of this horrible time :)

Another Quick update

Soooooo I’m for sure going to try shifting on the next full moon! It should work I think, I have the support of my shifting friends and the moon! I won’t be doing it on webcam, because a kid I was babysitting thought it might be a good idea to use it as target practice with one of those foam foot balls. Needless to say, it fell on the ground and REALLY don’t work anymore! But anyway, if I DO shift, then everything is going to go amazingly, seeing as I get to go visit my dad for autumn break!!! He lives about 7 minutes walking distance to the ocean, so guess whos going to be able to swim in the ocean with her new tail?

Anyway, I hope all is going well with you guys :) Good luck with shifting!

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