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stay sugar free for four decades

3 cheers


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KittenKitty has written 6 entries about this goal


January 8, 2010 will mark my 3 1/2 year point on this goal. I feel good about the progress I have made so far.

Unfortunately recently I have gained some weight due to eating out too much. My New Year’s goal is to repair the damage.

I think I have gained the weight much more slowly than I would have had I kept on eating sugar.

21 months

I’m approaching 21 months of being sugar free. I’ve also managed to reduce the amount of Splenda I eat.

I’ve got a long way to go to reach four decades, but I’m still hanging in there with my goal.

eighteen months

I have now been sugar free for eighteen months. It was a bit difficult during the holidays. I gained a little weight over Christmas anyway, but I have already taken it off.

46 Weeks

I have now been sugar free for 46 weeks. I’m getting closer and closer to my first year. Losing and maintaining weight has never been easier. People rarely offer me sugary treats anymore. They did at first, but now I hardly ever have to make a decision to say “no”.

sugar free progress

This goal will take many years to complete, but I want to report my progress of 302 days so far. I’m getting close to my one year mark. Cheers to all with the same goal. It’s a great new life and maintaining my weight is so much easier. I’ve lost almost 11 pounds since I started this goal last July. I am now at my ideal weight or a little below.


I’ve stopped eating sugar for 279 days. That’s over nine months. My goal now is to continue for four decades or more.

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