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do life planning daily each morning

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KittenKitty has written 5 entries about this goal

at a crossroads

My life planning has definitely undergone some evolution in the past two years. Sometimes it becomes more precise and time consuming. At other times it’s loose and free flowing. Then it becomes non-existent. I think it’s best to avoid the extremes.

It’s good to do a lot of planning for awhile and then back off a bit. Sometimes execution of plans is more important. Since the beginning of the year (2010) I have been using Goalscape. It allows me to see my goals in organized pie charts. Then it lets me check them off and use percentages of progress. Checking off every goal every day can become burdensome. I haven’t worked through that puzzle yet.

Laying out and modifying my plans on the fly as needed has a good effect. I can see my whole life laid out in perspective, espcially when I use the Goalscape importance percentages in conjunction with my life audit. This way my pie chart slices, at least at the top level, are roughly equivalent to the amount of time in my day that each goal area is taking.

Using this computer oriented numbers approach is not entirely without opposition from my significant other. However I think it still has merit and hopefully he will see the light.

One area of focus that has been increasing lately is entertainment. I have found more time for figure skating, ice dancing, ski jumping, etc. I realize that since I have put some time into getting the home in shape, time into my studies, time into my exercise, etc. that I am not doing any harm spending a little more time in front of the television. I look forward to the 2010 Olympic Games!

task list

It seems like I have experimented with every task list software there is. I recently started keeping my task list in LifeForm. That allows me to fully specify my day very quickly. I can also see if I am overscheduled. The tasks I enter can then be used on my Balance log where I record the activities I’ve completed. So far it’s working out great!

Palm Pilot

I’ve decided to keep my daily prioritized task list on my palm pilot. I’ve decided to not fill up my days with a lot of repeat tasks. That gets overwhelming. I am also not synchronizing the list with my desk top. It hasn’t yet led me to blazing success, but I think that’s it’s an important behavior to develop.

switched programs

I switched to the newer Franklin program. The Ascend program was having some trouble transferring records from place to place. I don’t like it as well in some ways, but it’s okay.


I’ve been doing this for several days on my new laptop computer. I’m using my old 3.1 Ascend program that works great on it. So far my progress has been astonishing. I’m getting closer to getting my business opened, my personal goals are doing better as well. I haven’t fully integrated this with my new balance log, but I am going to figure it out. There seems to be benefit in a combination of the two approaches. The task list is more for planning. The balance log shows me better what I have done and encourages me to group related tasks together.

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