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Elect Barack Obama president

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Glued to the TV!

Can’t wait to see the victory speech!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!


God Bless America!

I'm getting up early tomorrow.

Gonna try to be at the polling place at 6 so I don’t have to wait!

I have butterflies just thinking about it, even though New York state is pretty solidly blue.

I grew up in Ohio – talked to my parents last night, who still live there. My Dad, who is generally deeply cynical about politics, was getting really excited to vote. He described to me the long line of people who turned out for early voting in my hometown last week.

Now, this whole country is economically depressed, but Canton, OH has been slipping downhill all my life (and probably long before that). The center of town (where my folks live) is full of empty houses and buildings, because there’s not much reason for people to stay there. The streets are usually empty. However…he said the line stretched for blocks and blocks that day! And people were so excited to vote, it was like a line at a rock concert.

Wow. I wish I had been there to see it.

Can somebody add me to the team?

Or tell me if there’s a way to add myself?


Hey guys, I just made my first donation!

I have been an Obama supporter for awhile now, but was sort of holding back until now. Partly because I’ve been consumed with my own life – partly because I get very emotionally invested in politics, and well, these last 8 years have been kind of emotionally crushing in that regard. Plus I’m a cynic in general.

But. I realized that it’s time to put my money (what little of it I have) where my mouth is. Just printed up my new voter registration, too! I put that off also ‘cause it looked like I might be moving soon. Since it looks like I’ll be here for awhile…well, I’ll put it in the mail tomorrow.

Glad to be a part of this goal – better late than never, right?!

America I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel.
- Allen Ginsberg

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