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funniculee in Syracuse is doing 41 things including…

plant a garden

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I think I'm done planting for now!

Got some zukes, a few more peppers, and two eggplant today, as well as a bunch more herbs. I have no more room and I’m almost out of potting soil, so I think I’m done.

This is a pic of the peas (not a great pic, I’m a terrible photographer especially in bright light). They are visibly taller every day. It’s been unusually hot and sunny here – no rain for 2 weeks, which is CRAZY. This means I’ve been having to cart buckets of water to the garden on the daily, but it also means everything’s growing fast.

Lots more done today.

One more bean tepee, I put cages around the ‘maters and peppers, planted some chamomile and some more marigolds, weeded the peas, and mulched the paths with straw. Yesterday’s transplants are looking good. I’m hoping for some rain soon, and hoping the pseudo-raised beds I made will settle rather than erode.

If they turn out to be a stable option, I’m going to try to do ALL twig-and-twine supports next year. They just look so romantic compared to milled lumber and metal.

The great thing about this garden is that it really IS a community garden – everyone gardening there lives within walking distance, and this is a friendly neighborhood, so everyone chats with everyone else and offers praise and advice. It’s awesome. :)

Pictures to follow soon.

Yep, it's happening again!

This community garden plot has fewer amenities and poorer soil than the last one I planted – on the other hand, this garden is across the street from me, so that’s nice. Peas are up and going, 1/2 the beans are planted, and tomatoes and peppers went in today. I’m not sure what else will be added yet, but it’ll be done soon.

I didn’t want to buy cages, but the garden is in an unprotected area with no fence and I think the tomatoes and peppers could use some protection from wind and people. The small cages should work – I’ll pick some up tomorrow.

Also put some herbs in pots – lots more of that to follow!

So...I'm not going to plant any more vegetables.

Yes, I know, it’s sad. But it’s getting colder here, and I’m also trying to get serious about applying for grad. school. So I think I will simply take the tomatoes and the rest of the herbs as they come and say bye-bye to the garden for the rest of this year. I’m not going to rip up the tomatoes and help them ripen in a garage somewhere. For one, I don’t have a garage. For another, I really want to do something interesting with the green tomatoes. Fry them of course, but perhaps a preserve or a pickle as well.

I’m calling this goal done. It’s been a magical summer.

Lots of work last night.

I pulled down the bean tepees – the plants were shot (eaten by insects) and the beans themselves were nothing more than grasshopper food these last few weeks. I was tired of sorting through them to find the ones that hadn’t been chewed. I pulled a bunch of weeds as well.

Also harvested the first BIG batch of tomatoes. Probably 15 to 20 of them. None huge, but all the varieties I planted have med. small fruit. They look ok. The only thing is, a lot of them are cracked. Not in a way that makes them rot quickly or inedible, but in the way that vegetables sometimes crack when they expand too quickly (some of my radishes did the same thing). I wonder if it’s because of the way the automatic watering systems waters – lots of water only twice a week. I haven’t tasted any of this batch yet; we’ll see if the overwatering affects the taste.

I was kind of worried at how late I got my tomato plants in, but I must say (not bragging, just observing), my plants looks the best out of all the other tomatoes in the garden. Everyone else’s look dried out and sad. Mine are still vigorously growing, growing, growing…and GREEN

I hope to plant a whole mess of arugula, mustard, more beets?, radishes, and perhaps lettuces this weekend. Fast-growing stuff. I only hope the grasshoppers don’t eat it all before I can get some.


Growing and fruiting like mad; they’re just taking awhile to ripen. I need to put some plastic around them or something to keep them warm – our nights here are pretty cool and I think that’s keeping them from ripening very fast.

Going to rip down the bean tepees this weekend. The beans are still producing but the plants are really skeletons from all the grasshoppers, etc. chowing on them. Plus they are shading the tomatoes. Also going to rip out the poppies, which are mostly done flowering and looking pretty bad. I’ve got some monster thistles growing – I hear the stalks are edible, so I’m going to get me some gloves and “harvest” those to see if the food foragers are right. Apparently they are pretty tasty.

Then another round of carrots, beets, and radishes goes in. I’m also going to plant mustard greens and maybe some lettuces or arugula (quick-growing cool weather stuff) – I hope the grasshoppers don’t eat them all.

Calendula is going crazy! I have harvested and dried a bunch. Plan is to make some infused oil, which I will make into salve. It’s supposed to be really good for chapped and irritated skin.

Argh - Round 2 - Maybe?

I went and caged/propped/tied up my tomato plants last night. They were growing riotiously, and I think it was keeping the tomatos from ripening, as their lush foliage was shading the ground and keeping it cool – tomatoes like warmth. I changed my mind – I love the adjustable cages. I hope I was not too rough with the plants, bending them this way and that, but they seem relatively flexible. I only bruised a few stems. They should recover. And if not, well, I’ve got plenty of tomatoes, so losing a few is not a big deal.

A guy I met at the garden last night told me that if it gets too cold and I still want tomatoes, I should just uproot the plants and hang them upside down in an attached garage. Apparently the tomatoes will just keep ripening – not as good as if they had ripened on a live plant, but better than supermarket winter tomatoes. It seems like this should work, but I’m not sure – has anyone else tried this?

Anyway, being out in the garden felt so good, I think I just HAVE to plant another round. Which I guess I will have to do tonight.

Beans still producing like mad. I had some last night w/ fleur de sel and fresh ground pepper (and olive oil). Magnifique.

Calendula is also going crazy (as is sage and oregano). Need to harvest calendula this weekend (hopefully).

Not going to do Round 2, maybe.

It’s a bit too late, and anyhow, I need to get to work on some other goals here (i.e. exercise more). It’s ok, because the tomatos need help. They are producing like mad and need to be tied up so they won’t fall apart – cages aren’t really doing enough.

I tried making an infused calendula oil, but it molded. Looks like I need to try something different in that regard.

First tomato.

I believe it was a Park’s Whopper. WONDERFUL. Not very big, but so flavorful I almost cried. There’s another that looks like it will be ready in a few days.

Beans are still producing like mad. I guess not including the “innoculant” is not a big deal if you’re planting in ground that’s already had peas/beans in it.

On Saturday morning I’m going to do a BIG herb harvest of basil, sage, lemon balm, and oregano. I have a system for hanging them up. Although it’s not in a closet, at least it doesn’t get too much direct sunlight.

Then I’ll probably plant peas, etc. on Sunday morning. I hope.

I took Laura out to the garden yesterday.

Not so much to show off how good everything doing, but to just get her out! She’s been pretty down lately, and digging in the dirt is theraputic for everything, including that.

Thankfully, she found it fun helping me pull up the next-to-last beets and carrots. And I think she and Ben are going to have their own plot there next year. I hope so – it’s very worth doing.

Anyhow, yes, almost all the carrots and beets are done. I brought a bunch in to work today – hopefully people will take some, because I really have too much! Calendula is blooming. I got the first pole beans and we ate them with butter and salt last night. YUM. The beans seem to be doing pretty well. Insect damage on the leaves here and there, but they’re not totally eaten up by any means.

Tomatos are going like gang-busters! I counted around 25 green ones coming, and that was a very cursory count. And there are lots more flowers on the plants. I’ll have a bunch of those to give away too. I’m hoping to make some tomato sauce if I can.

Thinking about the next round (fall planting): I think it will be some combination of peas, broccoli, kohlrabi, mustard, and chard, with maybe some lettuces thrown in. We’ll see.

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