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start a photo journal - take at least a photo a day to represent my life

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Open Journal

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Palm trees and snow

on Mauna Kea after the rains.


over Mauna Kea

Hilton at Sunset

missed the green flash.

Our other lost cat, Spot

who lives down at Paleaku, but always comes to hang out with us when we visit. He has a good home, but sometimes, I think he talks no stop telling us he wants to come and live with us.

Christmas Party

down at Paleaku with our friends, Russ and Trish, and a new friend who had to get in the picture.

Our new kitty, Pu'u

We got him yesterday. Pu’u means lump in Hawaiian and he had a lump on his side where his kidney or some other organ pushed out thru some muscle tissue. It was under the skin, but he had a lump. This morning, he seems to have been near the front door and got out when a neighbor left the house.

Our sagey guest

who loves to have fun and has mild asthma.

The Hilton Hawaiian Village

with the Kohala Mountains in the background.

Snorkeling spot

off the coast of Kiholo Bay.

My weekend getaway

down on the coast

KonaFab is counting his blessings has gotten 42 cheers on this goal.


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