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be a better Christian


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I want to Change.

Hi my name is Kristin. 14 years old. I used to be the most amazing Christian. Jesus freak and all. My parrents thought i’d be a pastor some day. Until over the summer I started hanging out with the wrong people. I got curious and started doing Wicca. Worst thing I ever did, Demons were doin crazy things to my house scaring everybody. Messin with me. I got a pastor to come and pray over my house. And when I stopped doin wicca, I was never the same sweet Jesus freak that I was. Now When It comes to hearin about God. It bores me. I don’t read the bible. Nothin, And I have not had any peace. So Then I realize it’s time to change. But its hard when my fam study with Jahova witnessess. I can’t change alone.


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